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27 07, 2015

Why the CEO sent my resignation letter to the entire company.

When I resigned from a large consulting company after 4 years of working as a consultant, I sent out my farewell email at the end of the week. The next day, the CEO sent it out to the ENTIRE US Consulting Practice. (A lot of people).

Note: I wasn’t a Director, Partner, Senior Manager or […]

16 06, 2014

How to Go From Working 60 Hours a Week to 40 By Sending 2 Emails a Week

I’m convinced 95% of cubicle workers who work over 60 hours a week constantly can cut it down to 40-45 hours by sending 2 emails a week to their boss:

Email #1: What you plan on getting done this week

Email #2: What you actually got done this week

That’s it. These 2 emails will prevent you from working […]

2 06, 2014

The Two Most Powerful Questions You Can Ask to Build Stronger Relationships in Your Workplace

There are two questions that can build stronger relationships with others in your office.

Question #1: How is life?

Notice how I didn’t say how are you doing, or what’s up? Those questions usually get you an answer such as “good” or “can’t complain”, and really doesn’t bring the conversation anywhere interesting.

From my personal experience when […]

29 05, 2014

The 5 Entrepreneur Bloggers That Inspired Me to Write a Book

I was never really a good writer. I never got good grades on my papers in high school or college. I quickly found the blogs of 5 entrepreneurs whose writing really resonated with me. I read every word and they quickly became the only 5 blogs I read consistently.

#470453903 /

Most importantly, they gave […]

28 05, 2014

Fire Me I Beg You The Book is Now Available for Purchase

Today, May 28th, 2014 is a day that will live in infamy. I actually finished writing my book and I am releasing it to the public today.

You can buy the book right now on my website Fire Me I Beg You. If you want to read the first chapter for free, click here to sign up […]