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26 04, 2014

Stop Being Scared of Your Boss

“She’s coming!”, my coworker whispered to me and pointed to the door.

I took off my headphones and stuffed them into my laptop bag. I closed my internet browsers on my laptop and opened up the first excel spreadsheet I can find. I looked at my laptop like I was in the middle of deep […]

14 04, 2014

The ONLY Thing You Need to Know About Personal Branding

I remember sitting in a conference room for a work function and listening to a senior partner talk about personal branding.

She hit all the main points:
You need a 30 second elevator pitch!

Be authentic in your interactions!

Build a personal connection with your clients!

You need to differentiate yourself from the others to succeed in your career!
It meant […]

13 04, 2014

Hard Work & Awards – The Biggest Scam of 2014 and Beyond

How hard you work doesn’t matter anymore.

Your annual performance reviews are not effective, and some have even abolished annual reviews.

All signs are pointing to a job market where employers prefer interim workers over full-time resources.

Over deliver and all your co-workers and bosses will love you for it. They will congratulate you, recognize you and reward […]

21 03, 2014

I’m Re-Writing It

The biggest mistake I made was telling people I was going to write a book. I would casually mention it and I would see them 3 months later and they would ask me “How’s the book going?”

I would say things like “Yeah, about that book”, or “See what had happened was”, or my favorite “What book?”

I […]

25 11, 2013

RANT: Why I Hate Tofu and So Should You.

Tofu is a sensitive subject in my house. I hate everything about tofu and what it stands for. My wife asked me if I wanted some of her Tofurky and I gave her a dirty look.

Tofurky. Really? Tofurky!?? And it’s shaped like a hot dog. It probably bothers me more that it’s shaped like […]