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8 07, 2013

How To Be Happy For Someone That Doesn’t Deserve To Be Happy

Have you ever been on a mission to ruin someone else’s day, just because they were happy? Don’t lie, we all have done it one time in or lives. And when it works, it makes you happy. Well, you are happy until they get happy again, then you are back at square one.

We all have had […]

5 07, 2013

Running for Instagram and Facebook Likes

Running for charity has been replaced with running for Instagram and Facebook Likes.

Why run for a cause, when you can get 25 Facebook like’s for posting about your 5K run? Also, if you didn’t tell anyone that you ran a 5k, it’s almost as if you never ran it. AMIRITE or what?

@gselevator posted this […]

1 07, 2013

In Too Deep – The Importance of Just Getting The F*** Out.

I left my job to start an enterprise mobility consulting company. My focus & mission was clear. Deliver mobile solutions for large companies. I know consulting. I know enterprise software & infrastructure. I know mobile. I’m a developer. This was it. The need was there. I have a distinct advantage in the market place.

How […]

14 06, 2013

The Worst Way To Interview Someone

It’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of coffee meetings. I think it’s important to meet new people all the time and get to know them in 30 or 60 minutes.

Yesterday, I was at a small boutique coffeeshop doing some work on my laptop when I look up and there is a full […]

13 06, 2013


There I was, the only English speaker in a training class in Barcelona, Spain. The class was spoken in Spanish, and not an English word was spoken the entire time. I didn’t belong there. I didn’t understand anything that was going on, but yet I couldn’t stop smiling.

I was the happiest man alive and […]