The Only Career Advancement Guide You Will Ever Need

All career advice is the same. 

Work hard! Build relationships! Follow your passion! Build a personal brand! Understand your strengths! Don’t forget to find a mentor!

It’s great advice. Except, it doesn’t work.

Career advice needs to have five components to make it useful:

  1. Tactical
  2. In-Depth
  3. Relateable
  4. Motivational
  5. Not boring as shit (Only time I swear on this site, I promise)

This is why I created this ultimate guide. I’m sick of boring, shallow career advice that doesn’t help people advance their career. All of my career advice comes from a very specific viewpoint: The struggle.

It’s meant for people who are currently struggling with their career and want to take it to the next level, but for whatever reasons, can’t do it. If you’re advancing your career at a nice pace, get along with your boss, like the company of your co-workers and are happy with your compensation, this guide is probably not for you. You are the 1%. Enjoy it while it lasts.

For everyone else who is miserable, this guide is for you. You’re on a website called “Fire Me I Beg You.” I just want to manage your expectations 🙂 Also, this guide is not meant to be consumed in one session. I recommend consuming one chapter at a time.

Here is an overview of the chapters:

  1. Back to the Basics: Everything You Need to Know About Finding a New Job in 2017 
  2. How to Master Every Interview
  3. How to Build a Powerful Professional Network from Scratch (Even if You’re an Introvert) 
  4. How to Double Your Salary in 3 Years
  5. How to Master Salary Negotiation
  6. How to Master Linkedin
  7. How to Quit Your Job and Get Everyone to Love You on Your Way Out
  8. How to be a Productive Employee When Everyone Around You Sucks. [still working on]


Let’s be real. You are reading this because you secretly want a new job. A new job that pays you more money than you’re making now. You’re sick of being miserable. You know you’re capable of so much more. You want to make it to the next level.

You also don’t want to deal with all the crap that comes with job searching. You don’t want to deal with recruiters. You don’t want to deal with online applications, and ESPECIALLY the one’s that make you fill out a brand new resume instead of just uploading the one you have.

Back to the Basics: Everything You Need to Know About Finding a Job in 2017


Resume Template [coming soon] – For the record. I hate resumes’. I think Resumes’ are the new fax machines. Why do we still have this ancient document that doesn’t even really tell future employers why they should hire us. 

Cover Letter Templates [coming soon] – How to win them over every single time.



Interviewing is a mix of art and skill. I go deep into how you can interview even if you are an introvert. The main misconception with interviewing is that only the people that brag about themselves get the job, which is the worst thinking known to mankind. In this guide, I’ll teach you how to master interviewing, even if you’re an introvert.

The Ultimate Guide to Interviewing – Flip the Script Approach


Interview Questions & Answers – Includes Sample Questions & Answers – Every interview is different, but there are a set of questions that almost always come up during an interview. I’ll cover them in detail with the exact answers as well. I won’t leave you hanging, I promise.


These are blog posts that talk about what I learned from interviewing.


You’re networking wrong, I promise. To most of you “networking” is going to networking events and meeting new people. That’s about 5% of actual networking.

In this chapter, I dive deep into how you can build a professional network the smart way.

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Professional Network


Blog posts


You’re not getting paid enough. Trust me. I went ahead and talked about everything I know in this Salary Negotiation chapter.

How to Master Salary Negotiation



LinkedIn is the most powerful professional social network in the world, if not the only one. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you might as well go back to the dark ages. If you use LinkedIn properly, you will find a better career path faster than you can imagine. I can’t stress this enough.

LinkedIn is near and dear to my heart because I have not only built my career using LinkedIn, I also built my career writing on the LinkedIn platform. This guide contains everything I know.

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering LinkedIn


Your first and only goal should be figuring out how to get the hell out of dodge. In this chapter, I dive into the tactics to quitting your job.

The Ultimate Guide to Quitting Your Job


Resignation Letter Template – This is the only resource you will need when you’re finally ready to leave. The CEO of Deloitte Consulting sent my resignation letter to the ENTIRE company. That’s over 10,000 people. It’s safe to say I know a little bit about resignation letters.


These are blog posts that will motivate you to quit your job.



How to be a productive employee when everyone around you sucks. The below blog posts will help you navigate productivity and office politics. [There is no guide for this chapter]