26 11, 2012

Why I Like It When Everyone Stops Working For Thanksgiving Break

I love thanksgiving break and late December. Everyone takes off work.

This also happens to be when I get most of my development work done. It’s the quietest and there is very minimal e-mail flow.

This past week I finished a project I’ve been talking about for a while, finishing touches on an iOS app, and […]

2 08, 2012

Front Page of Hacker News Gave me 21,000 Views and 10 New Twitter Followers. That’s Right, 10.

I wrote an article yesterday titled: Don’t Lie On Your Resume, But Lie Like Hell During Your Exit Interview and it was on the front page of HN.

The Good News

21,000 Views in one day!
105 Comments on Hacker News Post
15+ Comments on my blog post

The Bad News

10 New Twitter Followers. That’s it 10. That means .04% of […]

12 07, 2012

My Hosting Provider Sucks & It’s All My Fault – WP Engine, I Love You

Last week I wrote a post called, Your Professional Network Sucks, and It’s All Your Fault and someone submitted it on Hacker News. I knew the moment it was submitted to Hacker News thanks to & Rob Fitz! So, I thought oh cool, let me go check out the newest section on HN. And then […]

21 06, 2012

The Russians Are Out To Get Me

I think I need to stock up on some survival kits & perishable goods. The russians are after me.

Ok, I’m a little dramatic but I found something interesting with my recent blog post: No Matter The Decision You Make, It Is Always Wrong. I was looking at my analytics and I saw quite a bit of […]

24 05, 2012

How To Build Offline Relationships Using Social Media

I gave this presentation at my Alma Matter Deloitte. The audience consisted of some Deloitte Folks and a lot of hispanic business owners in Chicago.



How to Build Offline Relationships Using Social Media
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