10 09, 2012

KLUTCHClub is looking for a CTO in Chicago

KLUTCHclub is looking for a hands-on Technology Director that will be responsible for envisioning and buildiing technical solutions for our high-growth subscription box / eCommerce business. This person will have demonstrated expertise in creating sustainable order management systems that make our online and offline customer experience sublime.They are able to diagnose strengths and weaknesses […]

5 09, 2012

Chicago Hack-A-Thon This Saturday Sept 9th by StageBloc

If you’re a Chicago Hacker, this is a must go to event. My good friend Tom Giles from StageBloc, and Technori Pitch Alum is throwing a limited space hack-a-thon. Use the email below to contact them and say that Robbie sent you to make sure you can get in.


Join us and Bright Bright Great for a […]

13 06, 2012

Where Can I Find an iOS Developer for my Startup?

This is an email I wrote to someone wrote who is looking for input on a developer. I answer this question quite a bit, so I decided to share it!
The answer isn’t an easy one mainly because of supply & demand. All the good iOS developers are working on their own projects and there […]

21 05, 2012

How To Make Money As a New Developer

This post originally appeared on Technori as a Guest Post by me.


I constantly meet people who learned how to program by teaching themselves or taking a few classes. They learned how to code, but are struggling with how to start and actually make money. They typically don’t have in-depth portfolios that allow them to charge […]

16 05, 2012

No Red Ink is Looking For a Rails Developer

Jeff Scheur is on to something. He spent 8 years grading english papers as an English teacher and has recently launched which is a web-based learning tool that helps students improve their grammar / writing skills. No Red Ink has made some awesome progress as you will see below.

Check out the description below […]