1 07, 2013

In Too Deep – The Importance of Just Getting The F*** Out.

I left my job to start an enterprise mobility consulting company. My focus & mission was clear. Deliver mobile solutions for large companies. I know consulting. I know enterprise software & infrastructure. I know mobile. I’m a developer. This was it. The need was there. I have a distinct advantage in the market place.

How […]

5 02, 2013

The Hardest Part About Starting Anything

It takes too long.

It takes longer than it should have taken.

It shouldn’t be that hard to do, but it is.

It never turns out the way you first imagined it.

It sometimes never happens.

Other people slow down the process.

You don’t have the right skill set to start it.

You don’t have the right skill set to finish […]

31 01, 2013

17 Things I Have Learned From Taking Over 250 Coffee Meetings in 400 days

Meeting is the name. Coffee is the game.

Mark Suster inspired me to take 50 coffee meetings. I took his advice, and then I took it again, and again and again and again. To the tune of 250 coffee meetings in 400 days. The result was phenomenal.

My main motivation to do this was because 1)I […]

28 01, 2013

Fake It Till You Can’t Fake It Anymore

This post originally appeared on Jeff Carter’s Points & Figures Blog


“Fake it till you make it” is a great motto to live by because it gives you confidence that you can do something even if you aren’t sure if you are really capable. If you live by that saying long enough, there is a […]

18 01, 2013

Interview Questions About Penguins, Donate One Penny At a Time, and Japanese Binocular Soccer

The 2013 headline of the year goes to…….. this post!

OK, so sometimes I see a lot of cool things and I want to tell the world. Today, I have decided to put it all in one post. Also, I would like to add that I DID use the Oxford comma in my title, as […]