15 01, 2013

Great Content Makes For Great Virality and Publicity

There are two kinds of people on social networks: those who want more followers and those who are lying – Guy Kawasaki in his new book APE – How to Publish a Book
The same could be said about getting traffic to your blog or website. Everyone craves for it. There is something about seeing […]

11 01, 2013

A Year in Summary – Amazing People that I Met in 2012

When I left my fulltime job on January 6th, 2012, I didn’t really know anyone in Chicago. When I say no one, I really mean it. I knew no one.

It made sense that one of my 2012 goals was to get more connected. The people I talk about below are all extremely driven people and […]

11 01, 2013

Are you Jelly? I’m Jelly

I have meant to go to a Jelly Chicago event for probably around 2 years now. As described from Jelly’s website:
Jelly is a casual place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, etc. to meet and work together. We meet at the Whole Foods in Lincoln Park on Thursdays from 12pm-4pm.

I originally reached out to Willy from OneDayOneJob to bounce some […]

6 12, 2012

The 10 Emotional Stages of “No Response” E-Mail Rejection

This post originally appeared on Technori.


Have you sent an important e-mail to someone recently and are still waiting for that person to e-mail you back? Has it been over 3 days since you sent the e-mail? It was probably a question about a business relationship, job application, coffee meeting, or a request to get […]