Jeff Scheur is on to something. He spent 8 years grading english papers as an English teacher and has recently launched which is a web-based learning tool that helps students improve their grammar / writing skills. No Red Ink has made some awesome progress as you will see below.
Check out the description below to learn more. Tell him Robbie sent you!
——– is a web-based learning tool that helps students improve their grammar/writing skills.  Our adaptive engine uses each student’s favorite celebrities, personal interests, and Facebook friends to generate grammar questions, and teachers can create quizzes, assignments, and practice exercises to help students work through misconceptions.  The system adapts to each learner’s strengths/weaknesses, using tutorials and color-coded heat maps to allow students, teachers, and administrators to view progress over time.  We sell subscription-based licenses to schools, grades 3-12.

Seven weeks after our launch, we surpassed 10,000 registered users.  In the last two months, we’ve been featured in Mashable,, New York’s Digital Learning Series, and Chicago’s Technori, and we’ll soon be featured in US News & World Report and PR Daily.  We have pending partnerships with Edmodo (3 million users), Engrade (4.5 million users), Wireless Generation (1.5 million users), Pearson, and McGraw-Hill Education.  I’ve gotten to this point while teaching full-time at Whitney Young Magnet High School, and just weeks after opening our $500K seed round to scale the business, we’ve garned a heavy amount of investment interest from both angels and VCs.

Rails Dev Position

We’re looking to bring on a second experienced full-stack Rails dev who is interested in taking on a CTO role.  We’re looking for someone who’s passionate about joining a hot startup with awesome early traction.  This person should really believe in what we’re doing — building a kick-ass personalized adaptive learning engine to help kids get better at grammar/writing.  The skills below should be a given to anyone with the type of experience we’re looking for:

Programming Languages: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Web Framework: Ruby on Rails
Database: MySQL
Testing: Cucumber, RSpec
Operating System: Ubuntu Linux
Web Services: Apache2, Passenge
Interested people should reach out to jeff [at] noredink dot com.