This is a guest post by Aksh Gupta, co-founder/ CEO of playOccasion, and an immigrant living in the U.S. (Twitter)


Startup Act 2.0 makes it easy for immigrant entrepreneurs, who are in the U.S. already, to start and build companies in the tech sector. This is good for immigrants, but it is even better for America – more jobs, a bigger economy and more wealth will be created.  It is not up for debate the positive impact immigration has had on the U.S. economy. Look around at today’s largest (or smallest) tech companies and you will find immigrants there.

We shower foreign students with scholarships, T.A. positions, assistantships at universities and, when they are done we kick them out of the country. Ambitious people cannot be stopped.

Startup Act 2.0 is not Congress’ first attempt to resolve this issue with high skilled immigration.  It is act two. Last year, similar bill (Startup Visa Bill) was proposed but it went nowhere. Brad Feld asked Congress to rename the bill – Stealing Jobs from Foreign Countries Act – to get it going. Rhetoric matters!

Last week, Jeff Carter, co-founder of Hyde Park Angels, wrote an awesome blog post (must read!) on why people need to voice their support for immigrants. After having spent three months working on Capitol Hill, I know a little bit on how Congress works.  Congress needs to hear from Americans. You need to show your support in spite of the ethos in public debate.

On this tumblr, I am collecting videos from ordinary folks (like you and me) with extraordinary belief in advancing the Startup Act 2.0 Please share your story!  I will share the tumblr with all Congressmen and Senatorial offices so they can SEE your support.