I learn something from James & Mark continuously and I wanted to share it with the world. I will also pick a winner of who had the best content.

They are both are successful entrepreneurs. One writes a lot about prostitution and the other writes about business. To me, they are both the same thing. OK, let’s get this show started.


James Altucher (http://jamesaltucher.com)

James was on a writing rampage the past month so there was a lot said. Here’s my summary:

  • Forgive the people you hate. Take a break and understand the situation. Don’t overreact, it’s not the end of the world. Learn how to deal with crappy people
  • Don’t ever talk about what your going to write. I already made that mistake including talking about how I’m going to write about this series every friday, and then proceed to skip the next 3 fridays.
  • We are all mortal. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are immortal. A lot of money, a great wife and a safe corporate job are all traps into thinking you are invincible.
  • Practice positive thinking. I think that’s self explanatory
  • Entrepreneurs should self publish their own books.  “The key is the Era of Validation is over. Nobody needs to pick you. You pick yourself.”

Mark Suster (http://bothsidesofthetable.com)

Mark published only one blog in the past month, but this post really got my attention and I read every word of it. It was titled Web Second, Mobile First and he made a lot of great points.

Pinterest seems to have conquered the “normals” before it captured the attention of the tech elite. Perhaps that should be a lesson to us all to think more broadly than our echo chamber? To think about how the masses use computing devices in 2012?

It’s a great point, and I didn’t really realize it until he wrote it. I consider myself a very early adopter, but for the first time the “normal” internet crowd was using a website that I was not a part of. I’m definitely going to study Pinterest more and understand why people love it so much. The web is definitely not dead as many would believe & Mark makes a lot of great points.

The Winner?

Mark wins this week, and it puts the score at 1-1 [see first post]. Although Mark only wrote one post, the Pinterest quote sealed the deal for me and I think the title of his post was perfect. He still doesn’t beat James’s titles though because his are outright awesome (and sometimes scary)