This is going to be a start of a series I create every friday assuming both of these “bloggers” create content during that week.  The reason I’m starting this is fairly simple: I learn something from them continuously and I wanted to share with the world. I will also pick a winner of who had the best content

They are both are successful entrepreneurs. One writes a lot about prostitution and the other writes about business. To me, they are both the same thing. OK, let’s get this show started.


James Altucher (

In the past two weeks, James wrote a total of 8 blog posts. His titles contained words such as sex, death, money, failure, kindness and wikipedia. If that doesn’t tell you how awesome James was this past two weeks, I don’t know what will.

What’s prevalent in these blog posts is that he always has ideas or direct feedback on how to fix a problem. He also talks a lot about his failures, and what he learned from them. It’s common to hear about what people have learned, but it’s not that common for people to talk openly about their failures. I tried my best impersonation of James in this interview failures post, but his failures seem to destroy mine on every level!

In one of his most brilliant posts, he talks about having too much information. 99% of the post was about prostitution, transgendered people but had a great message to the entire post which he stated really well:

” I sipped at my coffee. Still too hot. I was thinking about all of that data. What I would do with it. So much to learn about everyone. An infinite reality show. It’s amazing how things change every day.

I decided then, I wanted to live at least one more day.”

There is just so much to learn, so much information. I started a new company and on day 5 i’m going in a million directions. What do I do with all this data? This is why I love James. He always has the best pictures too.

Mark Suster (

Mark had two posts in the past two weeks, but had a lot of great information in them.  In this post he talked a lot about finding out what truly makes you happy. You can take many paths to how you live your life, but if in the end it doesn’t make you happy, then you are probably doing something wrong.

He talked a lot about mixing his life & work and why it’s beneficial. This is why I was initially followed Mark, because he does seem to go the extra mile in reaching outside of his network. Although I never worked with him (or met him), I have a good idea of how he acts as a VC. He also dedicated an entire post to a new emerging blog called “Roger and Mike’s Hypernet Blog“.

Probably not the most flattering picture of him, but hey he’s the one that posted it!

The Winner?

James wins this week. He had quadruple the amount of posts Mark did, so Mark needs to step up his game :)

Overall, I learned to get rid of things that don’t make you happy and get to know people / startups deeper than you normally do.

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