I can’t get this commercial out of my head. All night last night at random moments, I kept saying OK “JAKE from State Farm”. I’m a little obsessed, and the only way to get this out of my head is to write about why I love this commercial. Let’s forget about the fact that I’ve already decided that I’m going to be “Jake from State Farm” for Halloween.

From a business perspective, they nailed this out of the park. They wanted to portray that State Farm is really there for you 24/7 and they will do anything for you. They also portray it is a little hard to believe, and this is why they nailed it. The guy’s wife walks down the stairs and see’s her husband talking to someone. He immediately says “Jake from State Farm”. Yeah, right she’s thinking. You’re talking dirty to another woman aren’t you! She gets on the phone and says “What ya wearing, ‘Jake from State Farm'”. They must have said it over 4 times in a 30 second commercial, but man did they get their point across.

The best part is that “Jake from State Farm” is just a normal dude (almost stereotypically dumb dude).

It was funny, relevant & they got their message across. Kudos to their marketing team who put this together, because I love it.

The video is below: