10 Reasons Why Quitting Will Take Your Career to the Next Level

There are plenty of reasons that you should quit your job, many which aren’t discussed in the open. I believe there are reasons to quit your job even if you like the company you working for.

Here are 10:

1) It will make you more money – The title of this article explains it all:Employees That Stay In Companies Longer Than 2 Years Get Paid 50% Less

2) You will build a better professional network – The easiest way to build your network is to join another company. You will be introduced to many people that you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Also, if you do it right you can still maintain a great relationship with your ex colleagues and bosses. Who knows, in a later life you could become your ex-bosses boss.

3) You will know what you are worth – There is no worse sight than a talented person who is clueless about what they are worth. Know how much people will pay you. I recommend finding out at least twice a year through interviewing.

4) You will improve your credibility and personal brand – As a consultant, I can say that I’ve worked at different companies and it adds to my credibility. For those that aren’t consultants, it is much harder to state that you have experience working for different companies. Quitting and working for multiple company’s allows you to experience different company’s and therefore be able to speak about these experience.

5) You will be more prepared when disaster strikes – The biggest misconception that employee’s have is if they do a good job, they will never get fired. I have seen it all – I’ve seen growing companies get shut down in 1 day because of fraud by the CEO. I’ve seen employees who got the best performance rating in his division get laid off the next day when the entire division was laid off. It happens all the time and there is no way to predict when it will happen. Quitting allows you to be prepared at all times.

6) You will diversify your skills – There isn’t a better time to learn a new skill or be taught something new then after you start a new job or start your own company.

7) You will climb the corporate ladder faster – You can follow the traditional career path set by HR and be up for promotion after a defined 4 years or you can convince a competitor to promote you after 3. It’s much easier to do the latter.

8) You will feel uncomfortable – Yes, being uncomfortable is a great thing. The more comfortable you are with your current situation the worse off you are. Being uncomfortable forces you to build your network and always look to build a better skill set.

9) You will be more confident – There is no better feeling than leaving a company with a better offer in hand or leaving knowing that you left on your own terms. It will build the confidence that your skills are marketable and that you have the freedom to take charge of your career.

10) You will figure out what types of company’s fit you the best –Working at different companies allow you to experience more than one and eventually figure out where you fit the best.

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