50 reasons you didn’t get the job

Why you didn’t get that job? There’s more than one reason…

  1. You weren’t qualified
  2. Your resume is too generic
  3. You’re not really good at anything
  4. You have no experience
  5. You have no industry experience
  6. You have no Linkedin profile
  7. Your Linkedin profile picture is not professional
  8. Your Facebook profile is set to public
  9. You answered interview with questions with generic responses instead of specific “I know the answer because this happened to me” type of answer
  10. You didn’t dress up for the interview
  11. You don’t know how to interview
  12. You sounded too desperate for the job
  13. You’re too smart for the job
  14. You’re currently unemployed
  15. Your salary requirements are too low
  16. You have an @aol.com email address
  17. Your background check failed
  18. You’re a jack of all trades, master of none.
  19. Your handshake was weak
  20. You called the interviewer by the wrong name
  21. You ask the interviewer what your market rate / compensation should be
  22. You badmouthed your previous employer
  23. Your resume is too long
  24. Long unexplained gaps in your employment history
  25. You didn’t ask the interviewer any questions
  26. You tell the interviewer your salary requirement is X, but willing to go lower if needed.
  27. You’re really just not a cultural fit. Sometimes an employer wants a certain mold, and you’re screwed the moment you walk in or open your mouth.
  28. You just wanted a job, not the specific job you were applying for
  29. You showed up to the interview late
  30. You showed up to the interview too early
  31. You didn’t have extra copies of your resume on you
  32. Your connections within the company were nonexistent. Someone who was better connected beat you out
  33. You weren’t confident
  34. You were too confident
  35. Your answers seemed rehearsed
  36. You didn’t use the STAR Approach to answering questions.
  37. Hiring manager already made a decision
  38. You treat the interviewer like your friend
  39. You answered your cell phone during an interview
  40. You’re too introverted
  41. You’re too annoying
  42. You were unlucky
  43. You didn’t want the job to begin with
  44. You’re a lot dumber than you think you are
  45. You’re not attractive enough to be put in front of clients (sorry, in the real world this is true although never admitted)
  46. Your references were weak
  47. You spent too much time talking about you and not asking questions
  48. You’re weird
  49. You’re creepy
  50. You just were not a good fit.


Update: I also ran across this article after I finished mine, which is a similar list.

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