You can hire me for two things:

1) Leading complex software integration projects that require a lot of communication between Business and IT.

Implementing software for enterprise and mid size companies is hard. These projects require so much involvement from every part of the business and IT, that the project is often doomed before it starts.

I lead these projects because I believe IT has power, but if it’s not supported with great communications, nobody knows what to do.

Hire me to build a great project foundation and consistently deliver against requirements while making all involved stakeholders happy. I represent the business and IT. I do not take sides.

I’ve worked as a consultant at both Deloitte and Accenture. I have led many types of software projects, but my specialty is SAP.

If you’re interested, please send me a note to

2) Career Coaching for Enterprise IT and Digital Professionals who are looking to advance their careers or transition to entrepreneurship

I can only take on a limited of people for this. I’ve successfully transitioned myself from IT consulting to the startup world. I’ve also managed to stay involved in both since they don’t often overlap.

Please send me a note to if you’re interested.

If you would just like to say hello, or have a question for me. Please email me at I read every email and try to respond back to as many as I can.