Within eight minutes of sending my email I had received eleven replies, including responses from two vice presidents, three directors and my boss, plus two phone calls to my desk and one high importance flag.My innocent email with the subject, "Quick question about training," went viral in the worst way possible.I was on the job for less than four weeks and I had already created a huge fiasco.My boss stepped in and said, "Robbie did not intend to send this email," and those were the magic words needed to end the drama I had started.Here’s what I’ve learned about winning at office politics.

Sir, what are you doing?I… I'm just getting a pen.This supply cabinet is for employees of this group only. Are you part of this group?I… I'm sorry. I thought this cabinet was for everyone within the company?Well, it's not. The nerve of some people. Put that down please.I walked away feeling like a criminal and embarrassed. Two hours later I was laughing to myself and thinking, "Wow. What a miserable person that lady was."

“Jenny … One other thing that I wanted to mention. You need to be aware of the time that you come in to the office. We usually get to the office before nine a.m., and I’ve noticed that sometimes you come in five or ten minutes late. It’s okay to come in late sometimes because we all have those days, but you should really get to the office before nine. It’s not a huge deal, but something I just wanted to let you know. You are still doing a great job, and I appreciate your work.”Do you know who was giving Jenny this advice?Her manager.And do you know when she gave Jenny this advice?During her annual performance review.Do you know where this was happening?At Starbucks.

90 days.I’ve had this article written in my head for 90 days.I just found the time to write it down and click the publish button.Why didn’t I write it when I had the idea 90 days ago? Well…let me be honest.Real life — I would like to blame it on real life.Let me explain…4 years ago I quit my job and went completely on my own.I had no 9–5 job. No one to report too. I started from a blank state.It’s safe to say, I had free time. A lot of it.I wrote 140 blog articles in 2012.In 2015, I wrote 4.Did I have a lot less to write about in 2015 than in 2012? Nope! The exact opposite was true.

If you ever find yourself blurting out the words “I’m a quick learner” in an interview, you’ve already lost.These words are the kiss of death.Might as well pack up your bags and go home and re-evaluate the interview.But, Robbie, isn’t being a quick learner a GOOD thing?Yes, it is. It’s great actually.Here’s the problem:Nobody wants to pay you to learn when they can pay someone else who already has the experience.