Story #1 – My company assigned me to a client that I really had no interest in helping out for various reasons. Normally you can’t turn down client requests because “you don’t want to.” I had a 5 minute open and honest conversation with a director and I was dropped from the project and re-assigned to another client with no questions asked.

He was a true professional because he wanted to make sure that I was happy and respected my reasons for saying no. He went out of his way to help me when he really had no obligation to do so.


As an independent consultant, I’m unemployed at least once or twice a year. Every time my contract ends I have to find another opportunity. This means that during my search I have no benefits, no pay, no recurring payments from clients and yes I still have to pay for my insurance.

Being unemployed is not fun. To help me strengthen my search I developed a set of job search principles that I live by. I hope these principles can help you.


I was shopping at Aldi as a college student, and I only had a few dollars to my name. I had to take a few things out of my box because I didn’t have enough to buy everything I wanted. I was in between paychecks. I literally had less than $10 to my name when I was buying groceries.

I was broke.

I still remember exactly how I felt on the way back to my apartment. I was quiet and deep in my own thoughts. It was the first time I thought to myself that I would never let this happen again. I would never let myself get to the point where I had to make life decisions in line at a discount grocery store.

It was a sickening feeling I could feel deep in my stomach.

Yes, I could have asked my parents for more money, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I had convinced myself that I was going to be completely independent and I would do it all by myself. I had no choice.


Meeting is the name. Coffee is the game.

Mark Suster inspired me to take 50 coffee meetings. I took his advice, and then I took it again, and again and again and again. To the tune of 250 coffee meetings in 400 days. The result was phenomenal.


My main motivation to do this was because 1)I like people and 2)I knew no one in Chicago after I quit my job. I wanted to get connected in a deep way.

Here is a summary of what has happened: