Welcome to episode 11 coffee with Robbie.

This week is about building relationships. How to you build relationships with people who are inherently busy? How do you build a relationship with successful people?


This is the most obvious. If you do not have a specific person, you want to meet. These strategies do not really help. When I met James Altucher who is my idol. These are the tactics that I used to meet him. He is one of the busiest that I have ever met. How do you decide whom to target. There are two things

  • Somebody that you admire, somebody that has given back, that you have learnt from.

When you want to learn about how that person has achieved success. It does not matter what industry they are in. you are just interested in meeting that person. You think that just by meeting that person and building a relationship with that person. You can learn more from them or they can become your mentor

  • Someone that has been successful in your industry.


When you think of how to start a relationship with them. It is the easiest way to break down the barrier.

There are too may selfish people out there. You are probably one of the most selfish people I have never met. That is a big reason why successful people put up walls. Too many people want to take. They do not want to provide any value. To determine if you are selfish. There is an easy way. In the last three to six months, how many people can you say you have gone out of your way to help without having any expectation in return? It is always about teaching and helping first. For example, if you want to meet a successful person in your industry. You know about something that they do not. You can offer three tips that can help them grow their business.

There is a man called Deepak Malhotra. A Harvard professor. He is well known for negotiation. He wrote a book about it. Yesterday, he gave me an advanced copy of his new book that is coming out. The question is “how and why? I have never met him in real life, we do not reside in the same place, and we are not in the same industry.

Why would he send me a signed copy of his book? It is because I helped first. When he announced the new book coming out which I was going to pre-order, I said, “Here are 2-3, things that you can do to get more sales from your book. I sent him a LinkedIn message. It was tactical. He actually implemented one of them. I helped him first. I did not ask for anything in return. I do not know how this man can help me. I admire his work and I have learnt from it. I did that by helping first. If you are thinking about meeting somebody.

The question is “how do I help them first?” There is no code that can break down that barrier. Except you are helping first. That is the main goal. Think of the people you have helped in the past. If there is someone, you want to meet and you do not know how to go about it. Ask yourself “how can I help the person?” that is the easiest way to break down barriers. Respect the fact that successful people need help too. They want to advance. If you can help them achieve that by helping in areas that they are not good at and you are good at. Help them with no expectation in return. That is the best way to build any relationship. Anything that you da. Ask yourself “am I really helping?”


Too many people do not show up.

For example, networking events or communicating online. If you show up consistently, they will remember who you are. The successful person goes to many events or talks online. You have learnt from them from free. These people have shown up. If you show up. They will recognize you and that is the easiest way to start building a relationship. It is not just showing up at events. It is about showing, that you are passionate about what you do. By creating great content. Doing great things or by talking about them.

It is a great way to say, “I am in this as well, I am not just looking for some quick tips” you are not just there to build relationships so that you can be introduced to their network. Too many people are selfish. If you show up by building great content. By adding value to your community. They will recognize you. It is not an easy task. however there is a goal. There is a person you want to meet. This is the easiest way. It puts down their barriers.

They understand that “this person is putting a lot of effort into showing up”. It allows them to say, “This person, is someone I do not mind talking to and building a relationship with” because, they are busy and they have shown up. They recognize people that have shown up as well. That is an easy way to gain respect. Many people are asking for career advice. I always tell them to “show up!” They are not showing up at all. Why would anyone help you, if you are not helping first and if you are not showing up?

If there are events you want to go to, you need to show up. If they are hosting a networking event or giving a talk online. Attend, participate and help them. If they are hosting an event. They want people to come.it does not matter how successful they are. They want people to help them. Show up!


Here is how I classify persistence. “Annoying plus value equals persistence” I professional and legally stalked, a man named James Altucher.

It took me four years and I eventually met with him. The first words that he said were “you were the most annoying person that I have ever met” that is fine. Then he said, “I looked you up, I realized you took over 250 coffee meetings for 400 days. That is awesome; do you want to talk about that?”

I was constantly reaching out, but I added value to him. I showed up, I helped first. Every email to him was “how can I help you?” I wanted to help first and he recognized that. If you are just annoying without adding value and without showing up. It is just annoyance. If you are, annoying and you have value. It is called persistence.

Busy people really appreciate persistence. If you really want to meet someone. You have to be annoying, you have to how up, and you have to add value to them. “Annoying plus value equals persistence” it has worked with James Altucher. It has worked with many people that I have connected with. They understood that I was adding value to them and it is okay.

When someone sends me an email and says, “I know you take a lot of coffee meetings, do you want to meet up with me next week?” I used to take a lot of coffee meeting before. What I would do is I will say, “thank you for sending me an email, I am busy this month, do you mind reaching out to me next month and then we will get something in the books. Out of 10 people, only about two people send me an email the next month. I am giving you permission to reach out to me a month later. I am doing this o purpose. Not because I am really, busy. I can make out time. I want to see if they are going to show up, if they are persistent or does this person really want to meet me. If the person meets all these requirements.

Then, I am always happy to give back. If they do not reach out in a month. To me, that means they are selfish. It means they never really wanted it in the first place. You are not bothering a successful person, if you are adding value to them, if you are showing up and if you are persistent.

These are the four ways to build relationships with successful people.

It works!

Thank you.

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Welcome to episode 10 of coffee with Robbie.

Today is a very special topic. “How to be happy at work when everyone else is miserable,” I wrote an article about it on LinkedIn a while ago. I had over 500,000 views. I am going to talk about it today. I am very passionate about this topic.


That should be your new mentality. Every single morning, when you wake up. When you get to work. When you leave work. “It is what it is” if you hate your manager “it is what it is”. If you colleague relies to every single email “it is what it is”. If someone takes the last cup of coffee and does not fill up the coffee machine “it is what it is” if you had to do someone else’s work because they are incompetent “it is what it is” you do not like the amount you are being paid or your bonus “it is what it is”.

The key to happiness when everyone is miserable at work “it is what it is”. I have taken that mentality probably for the last 2-3 years. It has changed everything I do. The old Robbie would get involved in long email chains when people are complaining.

The new Robbie does not care. If you want to fight, go ahead. I will not be a part of it. It has made a significant change on how I view work and how happy I am at work. It works well. However, you have to be consistent with it.


Most people do nothing about it. Most people complain year after year.

If you have reached the maximum point when you are saying, “It is what it is” about 15 times a day. It is time for something new or something different. You have to do something about it.

I do not have sympathy for people that say, “I want a new job” and do not do anything about it. It is very rampant. People just accept being miserable and not doing anything about it. If you want to do something about it. Do something about it! I used to go above and beyond to help people. People will come to me, say, “I am miserable” I will give them advice, and most people do not do anything about it. It is the same situation year after year. Now, when the email me. I do not respond. It is pointless.

If I tell you step-by-step what you should do. People do not take that first step to do it. I have no sympathy for those people. I used not care about them. Now, I do not. Stop coming to me, if you would not do anything about it consistently. Stop being miserable. If you are not happy at work, do something about it. Especially, if you live in America. It is a world of opportunities and you can do anything that you want. Do you know why people do not succeed in their careers? It is because of office politics. They always try to prove their company wrong. How do you prove people wrong? It is by getting a new job. Not by fighting or trying to work extra hours.

There are no excuses for you not to do something about it. If you have been miserable for over a year and you have done nothing about it. You are part of those people that do nothing about it. Most likely, you would not still do anything about it even after receiving a systematic guide. Separate you work life from your personal life.

Start with, “it is what it is”.

Thank you.

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Welcome to episode 9 of coffee with Robbie.

Today I am going to talk about “how to re-invent yourself in today’s market when you are over 40 years old”. How you can succeed in today’s environment?


Today’s environment expects you to be very good at very few things. If you are good at other things that is a bonus. However, that is not your selling point. You need to understand “the riches are in the niches” when you are interviewing somebody. Tell them the things that you are good at.

For example, I was looking to hire someone for a marketing position. She told me about all the things that she knew and all the things she had experience in. there were many things. It was impressive; however, it did not fulfil my needs. There were some things in digital marketing that I needed someone to be good at. That is where many people are wrong.

People are looking for someone to solve a specific problem that they have. If they know different things that is great. I would never hire someone that is good at many things, but lacks the things I need help with. For some people they are good at a few things, however, they are not good at expressing it.

The perception from the other side is “I think it is great, however, you are not what I am looking for”. “I am looking for someone specifically that is going to grow my blog”. “I am looking for someone specifically that can grow my sales team, by using a tactic that we are not good at” it is no longer a positive to be good at everything. People do not really buy it. You should understand that great misconception.

Being a jack of all trade and master of none is no longer a positive. When you are talking to someone. Do not present yourself as that. You are not doing yourself any good.


It is not a negative.

However, it is not a positive either.

If you have 19 years of experience versus some who has 7 years of experience. The duration of experience does not cause them to hire the person with 19 years of experience. Let me tell you why.

Technology is growing so fast. Social media is growing so fast. For example, “snap chat”. Last year, “snap chat” had a horrible connotation. People thought it was just for teenagers or inappropriate pictures. A year later, the demographics of people on snap chat is different. Older people are on it. The previous day, a person over 50 asked my wife to follow her on “snap chat” the reverse perspective; people ranging from 10-15 years old are on “snap chat”.

Technology changes so quickly. When you talk about your years of experience. The reason why it is no longer a selling point is because, technology changes so fast. Those years of experience, do they really apply today? To be good at marketing today, because you led marketing in a company about 10 years ago.

Does it really make a difference now? The game has changed so quickly. The number of years of experience is no longer a selling point.


When people see your resume, they see the number of years of experience. They expect someone who is more modern. The resume is dead. It is not going to help you to advance your career.

Focus on “LinkedIn” and build you profile there. That is my recommendation. Write in the first person not in the third person. Explain who you are and talk about your experience. Focus on a few things.

What is the value that you bring to any company?

Here is an exercise for you to do. Text five of your closest friends and ask, “If you were forced to pay me $1000 for anything, what would you hire me to do for you?” this question would bring out their perception of you. That is great exercise for you to do


If you are interested in rebranding yourself if you are interested in advancing your career this is for you. If you become the teacher, you will succeed.

It means you should use the tools of today to teach people about what you are good at. Spread you knowledge. Do it consistently. Create content. You can do that on Facebook for example. The platforms are there. If I am you. I will advise you to start on Facebook. That is where most of your colleagues or your friends are. That is where you spend most of your time. You can also post on LinkedIn.

Become the teacher. This will help you change your brand. People will think of you differently. I am not a certified career coach. I took no training to become a career coach. You are seeing me differently, because I am teaching you something. Use the tools of social media. Do not just share content/ create the content.

If you become the teacher, I guarantee you, You will see success. This is not just for people over the age of 40. This is for everyone. Not a lot of people do it. If you do this, you will see success.

Do it!

Thank you.

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Welcome to episode 8 of coffee with Robbie. Today is a very special topic and we are going to be doing something different. We are going to use a white board.

The topic is “how to get any job in the world in less than 6 months” Paris, New York, Australia, New Zealand or Asia. Wherever it is. I am going to teach you how to get a job in that country in less than 6 months. It has to be tactical. I believe there has to be a clear-cut part on how you do it.

If you are ready to listen to me and are ready to quit your job and get a better one in another country, but do not know how. Listen to this.


This is the traditional part. There is a company that you want to work for. There is a hiring manager. He says, “There is a new position and I want to hire someone”. They contact HR (human resource management) and HR says, “give me your job description” they put in a job posting. This is the normal procedure. If you want to work for the company. You create a resume. You send it and apply to the job online. When you have applied to the job. You feel happy.

The thing about applying to a job online is that, you may not get any answer or any feedback. Most people give up after they have applied and have not received any answer. This is the traditional part. It is where most people get it wrong.

If you are looking for a traditional path, the first step is:

Focus on people, not postings:  to get a job, you have to focus on the people that are hiring for the job. Focus on the executives in that company. Most of you are already feeling uncomfortable. This is the reality.

If you are just applying to job posting and your skill is not highly in demand.

For example, if you are an experienced developer or anything that is in demand. For you to get around that. The people that are hiring are similar to you. They are looking to hire great people. You should not be afraid to focus on the hiring managers. You can also focus on the vice president of the company and the founders of the company. Do not focus on your resume.

When a job is posted. You are assuming that every job posting is a job opening. That has been proven to be wrong. All the contractors that I have hired have never been through job postings, but through relationships.

If you are assuming that, every open position in that company has been posted online. You are wrong! It does not mean they are not looking for someone. The position has not been listed in a job posting. When such positions are posted. It is because the company has really struggled to find someone for that position.

What if I tell you that there is an online database that tells you how you are connected to people, not just friends? What if I tell you that, there is a way I can find people in that company that went to my school, people that I have worked with before? What if I can find friends of the people that I used to work with? What if I can search by cities and find people that are from my hometown? What if I told you that is free and accessible to you right now?

You can find all that on “LinkedIn”. You can find out how you are connected to some of the companies and the hiring managers. Sometimes, I can take a job posting, perform an advanced search on LinkedIn and find out who the hiring manager is, or the vice president of that company. Then I can focus on building a relationship with them. In order to do that, you have to focus on the people and not the job posting.

Let us say, you have done all that, you have found the company you want to work for, you have found the hiring manager. What do you say or what do you do?


Use a great picture; write a description about yourself. Do not talk in third person. Talk in the first person. You are talking the person who is reading your profile. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there. The person wants to know your experience, your passions. He wants to talk to you.

Do not be afraid to explain who you are.  your personalities and your passions. In a resume, you cannot do that. Most professionals are on “LinkedIn” if you want to get a job in another country. They are going to do their research on you. They do not know who you are. You are out of the country and they do not know what you do. They are not going to respond. Get a professional picture. It helps a lot. Do not use informal pictures. The little things make a difference. Look at your “LinkedIn” profile and see if it reflects your image.


The only way that you can convince people to believe in you is to BECOME A TEACHER.

I do not mean apply for a teaching job. Put yourself out there and teach people about what your subject is. What I am doing now is teaching you. I do not have a degree in career advancement. I am not a certified career coach. Here I am teaching you. Either you believe me or you do not believe. By teaching someone something consistently. You become the thought leader.

However, many people also view you differently.

You have to teach what you are passionate about. You have to use social media to utilize to make that happen. Create content. Publish them online. It is not just to do it once a month.  You have to create content consistently. You have to do that about three to four times a week. It is not easy. Do not expect it to be easy.

When you become a teacher, people will believe you. The beautiful thing about becoming a teacher is; people would forget about your previous job experience. Even if you do not have a lot of experience in fashion for example. If you are able to teach people about fashion. It would not really matter if you have been to fashion school. People like what you are teaching. You have to get people to believe you. You do that by teaching consistently.

If there is a target company out there, there are three things to do

  • •focus on the people
  • use LinkedIn.
  • get people to believe you. Become a teacher.

You have no excuse, if you become a teacher. You will advance your career more than your colleagues will. Everyone is hiding behind his or her resume. You have to be present. You have to teach people. This is an exact systematic approach on how to get any job in the world. Stop hiding behind your resume. Do not let anyone tell you anything other than that.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I do not know what to have for breakfast this morning. I do not know what is going to happen to my life next week. How do you expect me to answer that question? Where do I see myself in five years? Welcome to episode 7 of coffee with Robbie. I am going to talk about “the two worst interview questions of all time” and how to answer them exactly.

1. Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is a decent question. The intention behind the question is “is this person motivated with their career?” “Have they thought about what they wat to be in five years?” and “do they want to grow their career?” If people cannot answer where they want to see themselves in five years. That means they have no thought it. That makes people uncomfortable because, I want to hire someone who is motivated. I want to hire someone who cares about his or her career path.

If you do not have a good answer for that. It seems like the person is not joining the company for the right reasons. They just want a job. I want someone that is going to be able to grow with us. I do not want someone that is going to be with us for a year and leave. How do you answer that question? This is the way I answered that question. For 99% of you should answer this question like this except you have some other, motivation or you have a better answer than I do. The way I answer this question is “great question, there are a few qualities in my career that I wat to see five years from now”.

I want to be challenged with the work that I do, that is how I grow my career and that is what keeps me interested. It is not necessarily, the type of work that I do; I understand that my type of work will change as I grow in my career. It is not as important as being able to grow in my career.

I want to be happy with my career. That is where I see myself in five years. I have had a happy career up to this point and I want to continue being a happy person and having a happy career. For me, that depends on if my career is growing and having a great set of colleagues working with me. That is where I see myself in five years. I do not know the exact title of work that I will have or the type of work that I will have. It is not as important as being challenged in my work and working with great people.

That will take any reservations that any person has about your career. I do not recommend answering the questions specifically. Example “I want to be senior manager in five years” that could cause a problem with office politics; the manager may feel it is unrealistic. The interviewer may feel that he does not want you to become a manager in five years. By answering specifically, you are ding yourself more harm than good. You can be stepping into some office politics landmines that you are not aware of. Focus on the fact that you want to grow, you want to work with great people. The type of work that you do does not matter as long as you grow.

2. What is your greatest weakness?

I hate this question alongside everyone else.

What I hate more is the way people answer the question. They turn their weakness into a positive. For example, I work too much; I think I am too passionate about my work. I am too detail oriented. Those are insincere answers. The interviewer’s will also sense that they are insincere answers.

The reason you answer that way is that you have no idea, how else to answer that question. I am going to tell you exactly how I answer that question. What I do is that I quickly rephrase from focusing on my weaknesses to my strength. It has been proven in many scientific. Studies show that a person should focus on their strength. If a company focuses on their strengths, then they will succeed in a career.

If they focus on their weakness, they do not succeed. It is always about improving and recognizing your strength. That is where the value comes, in recognizing your strengths.

If I am ever asked that question. I immediately rephrase it to focus on my strengths whole still answering the weaknesses pert. I will answer it like this; great question, for me I understand what my weaknesses are. However, I really focus on my strengths and I think that is where the value of my work come in, is focusing on my strength. My strengths are building relationships with executives, which form long term and bigger deals. My strength is growing a sales team and that is what I have done in the past. I have a great record of accomplishment with that. My strength is really nurturing other sales analyst to grow up to be better sales people. I love educating them. I love building great sales teams. That is what I am very good at.

To answer your question, let me tell you why you should not hire me. If you are looking for someone that is a transactional sales person. If you are looking for someone to just bring out sales deals and make calls every day. To process sales leads as a transactional service. That is not me. I focus on relationships. Building long-term relationships. Bringing bigger deals and building sales teams.

I can and I will make phone calls. That is not my specialty. Performing remedial services. All these things, I know I have to do the as part of my job and I understand that and I would do that.

However, if you are trying to decide why you should hire me or why you should not hire me. You should hire me based on my strengths, which are building relationships with executives and building great sales team. That is why people have hired me in the past. That is why you should hire me. If you are looking for something like a trajectory. That is not where I am. I have done that before. I can teach people how to use them, how to do these sale processes. That is not where I am in my career and that is the reason why you should not hire me.

That question would blow an interviewer away.

It relies on you to have the confidence to answer a question like that and for you to understand what the role is and what they are looking for. If they are looking for a sales leader to build great relationships and to implement new programs and to grow a sales team.

That is a great answer. I am not a sale person. That is just an example.

If you understand exactly what they are looking for. This answer will be perfect. Interviewers would be blown away by how you answered that question. Because, nobody answers that question with “here is why you should hire me and here is why you should not”. Nobody does that. If you have the confidence to do that. That is a better answer than ‘’I work too hard”. It is an insincere answer.

Give them a reason to focus on your strengths. Talk about your weaknesses.

However, do not try to turn your weakness into positives, they will see right through it. That is not the purpose of that question. These are the answers I have for the two worst questions of all time.

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