How many people at your job can make a major decision that will ruin your life?

That is what we are going to talk about today in episode 5 of “coffee with Robbie”.

That came from James Altucher. I am a huge fan of his work and today, we are going to talk about three things that I earnt from James that has changed my life and my career. I believe these three thigs can also change yours.

How many people at your job can make a major decision that will ruin your life? Too many people are dependent on their salary job. They do not have any skill set outside of their job. They rely on their job for training. What I learnt from that is that. I have a few people that can make a major decision and ruin my life. The action I took was “what can I do, to reduce that risk” what that meant for me is to learn how to write. To learn how to market and that has decreased my risk significantly of the people that I depend on.

Look at you own job. “If I get laid off today, how does it change my life?” “How can I reduce that risk?” it does not happen at you current job. It happens outside. It happens with the new set of skill that you learn.

1. Reduce the amount of people that can make a major decision in my life. Do that today.

2. Bleed on a page.

What that meant to me is that. As I am writing, I should leave everything out there. D not be conservative. Say it, the way you want to say it. It actually, changed my writing. I did not know I could write like that. I was never a good writer in high school and college. Bleeding on a page allowed me to write the way I was born to write. That has changed everything that I do. Be it positive, or cutting edge. Do not hold anything back. People will appreciate that. I think that is an authentic way to do it. I cannot stress enough “bleeding on a page” it will make a dramatic improvement in anything that you do.

3. Choose yourself: how do you be selfish.

I always tell people. I am the most selfish person alive. Because, I know that for me to advance my career. I have to choose me first.

Too many times in my previous career, I will choose other people. I will choose my boss. I will accept that that is just the way it is. After some time, I did not see my career advance the way I thought it would advance. I thought I could go much faster. I did not choose myself. Not that I have chosen myself, I can do these videos on my own. I can write anytime I want. I willfully make decisions.

I first had to start with choosing myself. It is extremely important for anyone that hates his or her jobs or their managers. Think of how you can choose yourself and how you can learn skills outside the job that can make you a better person. It will reduce the risk of me depending on other people. How do I use that to take it to the next level? You have to choose yourself. You can no longer rely on other people to help you.

You can think of people that can help you. However, you have to start with choosing yourself.

Those are the three things, to bleed on a page , choose yourself and reduce the amount of people that ca make a decision that will ruin your life, those are the three great things you can start today to improve your life, thank you.

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Welcome to episode 4 of coffee with Robbie.

Today, I am going to talk about a person name Tim Ferriss. Many of you have read his book “the 4-hour work week” “the 4-hour body”. I am going to talk about how Tim Ferriss has changed my daily routines. He has change the way I view my career and my life. It all started with the book “the 4-hour work week” “escape 9-5, live anywhere and join the new rich. If that is not the greatest book cover of all time, I do not know what is. My friend recommended this book to me about five years ago. I went through three stages with Tim Ferriss.

Firstly, I love him. He is awesome. I want to walk the 4- hour workweek. The book was tactical. It told me what to do. How to make passive income, how to give birth to assistance and how to get a 4-hour workweek.

The second stage was, two years later. When I did not implement anything in the book. I thought he was a fraud. The stories were Ludacris. The tactics were only possible for people that were single and have a silver spoon and could take many risks with their lives and travel the world. That is how I started despising Tim Ferriss. If you look inside the book cover. Wrote that he speaks six languages, runs a multinational firm, in six nations worldwide. Hold a record holder in tango. A national champion in Chinese kickboxing and an actor in a hit series in Hon Kong and he is 30 years old. Really? There are two things. You have lied in the entire book or you are super human and you are not like anybody else. I dismissed him for a long time. I saw him in long videos and I thought. There is no way you do a 4- hour work week.

The third stage was when I realized that I had been misinterpreting him for a long time. I came to a it is about how to change conclusion that the 4-hour work week is not just about working 4 hours a week. It is about how to change your life and routine to live a life that I want. I want to join the new rich. However, how do I get there? What I have learned from his blog post online and his book, is that it is possible. However, you have to make a few significant changes to make possible. Now I would talk about the two things that I have learnt from Tim Ferris.


The 9-5 system is designed to control you. What I mean is, in order to maintain control of millions of people in America. There has to be a system and that system is the 9-5 job.

During the period, I hated Tim Ferris. I thought to myself “everyone is doing it, there Is no other way out” I realized is that the system is for the 99% of people that do not want to want to take any risk and do not want to do what they are meant to do. Mainly because they are stuck under their salary jobs. I realized that in order for me to succeed. I need to get out of this system.

That is why I quit my job four years ago, because I needed to get out of that mentality. There is a way to success, not just by your typical 9-5 job. For me, that is why I created “Fire me, I beg you” I did not learn that from something on the job. I learnt that from my own necessities. I learnt market on my own. I learnt writing. I was a horrible writer in high school and college. I learned writing by following people who were very good at it; I learned writing by mimicking them.

When I realized that I was able to learn these things on my own. I was able to get out of the traditional 9-5 and create a life for me that is worthwhile. That is something that I learned, that the system is designed to control you


If you look at it from a focused angle, you would not understand. Let me give an example, I have a friend, that is one of the best writers. I have changed his profession slightly.

The problem is that he does not do that full time. He does another job that pays him well. He has been stuck in that system. He came to me and said, “Robbie, I am thinking about quitting, but I cannot become a writer, because writers do not make a lot of money,” I said to him “that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life.” Because, if I felt like that. I felt like if I do not want to write because, I will not make a lot of money in a year. They only make $35,000 a year. Then I would not have “Fire me, I beg you”.

If I said, I do not want to do marketing because I do not really enjoy it, I do not want to work for an agency, and I could make more money than that. You have to look t I would not have. “Fire me, I beg you” you have to look at the bigger picture and what skills you have outside your traditional 9-5 and that could create s lot of value.

If the creator of “humans of new York” said I do not want to get behind the camera, photographers do not make that much money. Humans of New York will never become a thing. It is the mentality. If you are stuck in a situation. You are trying to focus on the fact that the job pays a lot of money. You will relies that you are extremely stupid.

Yes, I know that we need a salary to live. We need salary because we have responsibilities. I believe that you should not quit if you cannot afford it. If you think, “I can only get this specific job. Then you are thinking small. Look at the big picture if you are stuck in a job that you hate and you want to look at life differently.

Start with the book “4- hour work week”. You would probably go through the same phase as me.

You will love him, you will hate him and when you come to your senses, you will love him again.

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Welcome to my third episode of “coffee with Robbie”. Today, we are going to be talking about “NEGOTIATION GENIUS” by Harvard professors Deepak Malhotra and Max Bazerman.

This book has changed my behavior quite a bit. It has changed how I do any negotiations. For anything, whether it is fruits or compensations. Whatever it is. It has changed how I do my negotiations. What I want to do is to share a few tactics from the book.

They are many tactics in the book. I want to talk about a few of them that have changed how I think.


“ZOPA” means “zone of possible agreements”. It means that anytime you are going into a negotiation for anything. Whether you are buying property or you are negotiating a salary. You need to create your “zone of possible agreement”.

One of the examples that was used in the book was about real estate property that is going for sale. For example, I am the buyer and I want to buy the property. There is the buyer’s reservation value and there is the seller’s reservation value. The buyer’s reservation value is the maximum amount I am going to pay for this property. I am m not sharing that with anyone.

However, in this example. I am not going to spend more than $48million because I do not have that money. My reservation value is $48 million. I am not going to spends more than $48 million. I know this is the maximum want to pay. Would I want to pay less than $48 million? Of course, but, that is my maximum value. My goal with this negotiation is “how do I get amount for this?” If I can pay $45 million. I will pay $45 million. That I great. I just do not want to pay more than $48 million.

The other value is the seller reservation value, which is $42.65 million in this example. That is the value as a buyer that I think is the minimum amount the seller will sell this property. I think.

Based on the research that I have done, that the lowest they will sell it for is $42.65 million. I think the maximum I will pay is $48 million. I think the minimum they will sell it for is $4.65 million. In between these values is the “ZOPA”. I think that if I ca negotiate to $43 million, then that is a deal for me. “How do I get the best deal, when I am doing this?”

a) Get as much information as possible, that is how you come up with your seller reservation value, which I think is the minimum the property would be sold for. Through diligence and research of the lowest value, the property can be sold for. Ask questions: ask what the lowest amount is. They would never tell you plainly. You have to take a guess of what the number is

b) UNDERSTAND THE VALUE OF WHAT YOU ARE SELLING. This is from the seller’s perspective.

Many people make mistakes during salary negotiation. For example, the seey business analyst $50,000 a year. They assume that, that is what they would be paid $50,000 a year. That is where many people go wrong. It is about the value of what you are selling. The value or your services. Not just the amount.

In this case, from the perspective of the seller. Let us assume, they come up with the same “ZOPA” or they came up with the same information. Let us say, the agreement was that they would use the property for residential purposes. Then the maximum, the person will pay for it is $48 million.

The key here is get information.

Also understand the value of what they are selling it for and the value of why the want to buy it. If it was to be used for commercial purposes. The $48 million is low. Because, they would make a lot more money using that real estate land. That can change everything. It is key to ask what the property will be used for. Is it residential or is it commercial. Then you a=have the opportunity to go higher.

Always ask, “Why, do you want to buy this?” It is about the value of the services you provide. The value of the land and not just the cost. Many people look at this as one dimensional. Especially, during salary negotiation. It is about the value of what you are providing and you need to understand what the value is.


Let us say, as a buyer. I am going to make my first offer. I know my reservation value is $42.6 million. I know my “ZOPA”. I have to ask, “What should be my first offer?” “Should I say $45 million or go much lower to $32 million?”

Here is something unbelievable that I learnt in this book.

Always anchor low or high. In this example, if I said $32 million. The seller would say, “I thought you were going to buy it for $48 million? My information must be wrong” They offer me something in the “ZOPA AREA” if I bid at $45 million. They will offer something higher. Like $50 million. I would have lost value based on my first offer. The key to anchoring is always anchor low or high.

It has been proven by research, to affect the counter offer significantly.


Let us say, you made a deal of $46 million. That is within your “ZOPA”. The seller thinks he got a great deal. “My ZOPA was $42.6 million”. The problem is the buyer is a liar.

I told them it was going to be used for residential purposes when it is to be used for commercial. The value for me is much higher at $60 million. The question is “what can you do, to protect yourself in that kind of negotiation as the seller?” you did not get a good deal; you could have sold it for a higher amount.

There is something called a “contingency contract” what you can do is say “great, I will sell it to you for $46 million dollars, however, there is a clause. If you use it for commercial property in the next 7 years, then you owe me $7million”. That is in the contract. It can change everything. It can change the buyer’s negotiation, because he knows he is going to use it for commercial purposes.

The easiest way to do that is to implement a “contingency contract”. This is one or two tactics of about 100 different tactics that were used in this book. It has a lot of great advice that you can us to maximize a small subset before you go into detail.

There is a lot to learn from this book “NEGOTIATION GENIUS” by Deepak Malhotra and Max Bazerman. I am not getting anything from this, there is no commission.

It is a book I recommend to everyone.

Thank you.

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Video Transcript

Welcome to episode 2 of “coffee with Robbie” and today, I am going to talk about a person named Noah Kagan.

Noah Kagan was the 30th employee on Facebook. He was the director of marketing at and if you have ever bought any from AppSumo. He is the “chief Sumo” and today, I am going to be talking about “how Noah changed my behavior by the things that I have learnt of him.” Firstly, I want to give a shout out to my wife for custom making this mug. “Networking equals not working”. So thank you for that. The first lesson that I learnt from Noah Kagan is…


That is a big reason why I am wearing the “breaking bad” t-shirt today. Noah likes to break the rule. I would give you a great example.

A long time ago, I went to a growth hacker meetup by a person named Shawn Johnson who was throwing it. Noah was the keynote speaker and he began his talk with questions and answers. He did not give his 20-minute speech or PowerPoint presentation and then at the end say. “what questions do you have? He actually began with “what questions do you have?”

It was mind blowing for me. He was actually, the only person that I have seen do that and it worked phenomenally well. Here is why it worked really well. He gave a presentation that he knew, while he was giving it was addressing why people showed up in the first place. They have questions, they wanted to know, and they want to learn.

Instead of giving this talk, then asking, “Did I cover everything you wanted?” he said, “what are the questions you have?” “Let me write them down and while I am giving my talk, I will answer the questions”. He gave an ad hoc talk and it is one of the best talks that I have heard. That is how Noah thought me to break the rules. It has changed my behavior quite a bit on how I address certain things.


What “being ghetto” means, is that things do not have to be perfect. When you are launching a product or your career. People expect things to be perfect and as a result, they never launch anything or they launch something that nobody else wants.

What I learnt from being ghetto is if you have an idea. Do it! Do not wait. It might be ghetto but it is fine.

That is a reason why he changed my behavior. That is another reason why I am doing this. I could have a better camera, a better sound, over all the background is really nice.

Be ghetto. Just release it, it may work or it may not work. That is a great way to test if a product will work or not. Before you do any of these marketing strategies or tactics. People have a lot of ideas. He really thought me whole doing the talk in the “growth hacker” meetup is; be able to test ideas quickly.

I remember doing that, I raised my hand and said, “I wanted to launch something related to female celebrity fashion”. He said “why are you waiting to create it?” I made up some excuses. He said, “Do it tonight! You can do it tonight and post it to the forum” I actually did it. I bought a domain and launched a simple website that night. He inspired me to create it. What I found out was; nobody really wanted it and I found out that I did not really know anything about celebrity fashion. It was the wrong thing for me to get into.

He saved me a lot of time by just telling me to do it. He gave me a dead line and I did it before midnight. I realized I was not really interested in it. It was not something I should be spending my time on. Nobody really wanted it. “BE GHETTHO” is a big thing that he has thought me.


I was always under the assumption that everybody gets too many emails and it does not work. I thought I should try something else. I was wrong and Noah was able to teach me that. It was something that changed my behavior and how I market “fire me I beg you”.

Majority of my stuff is actually done via email. If you are not on my email list go to “fire me, I beg” it is one of the best email lists you will ever be on. He thought me how to write my email. How to perform autoresponder sequences. He thought me a lot of things bout email. I have Noah Kagan to thank for that. Email has been my number one or number 2 channel when it comes to marketing.


It is finding a channel that works for your marketing. It may be social media, emails, trade shows, billboards, ADS, blogs. Whatever it may be.

Find your channel and optimize that channel to the best of your ability. Too many people think when it comes to marketing; they have to post, tweet, email and a lot of things. The first place you start is to be ghetto and find what channel that works right away.

Focus on that channel and pick up the effectiveness of that channel. He did that for He gained a million views in 90 days. He focused on finding a channel. He tried 10 or 11 channels over 2-3 months. He was able to determine the channels that work and the channels that do not work. It changed how “Mint” marketed their things. That is a reason why they did not do certain things and they did a few things very well. Noah really thought me to focus on the channels and be ghetto and to do it!

Finally, the reason I am talking about Noah Kagan today is not because he was the 30th employee at Facebook. Not because he was director at “Mint” and marketing. Not because he runs a widely successful app called App Sumo.

I am talking about him today because he was a teacher.

Like the first episode, I spoke about Gary Vayneryuk. He was a teacher. Noah is extremely generous when it comes to telling people how he did things. A normal traditional person would think that if they built mint that has multi million users, they would not tell any other person how they did it. “Why would I give away their secrets?” he realizes that by becoming a teacher. He gets more exposure and like Gary Vaynerchuck said “EXPOSURE EQUALS LEVERGE”, he became a great teacher and people respect him because of that.

That is why I am doing this today. That is why he gets a lot of subscribers on his email list. That is why he gets more people to join his company. That is why he has a lot of leverage in different negotiations. That is the reason Noah Kagan is my number 2 today. Noah has changed my behavior.

The reason I am wearing this t-shirt is because of you.

Thank you.

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Video Transcript

Welcome to my first episode of coffee with Robbie.

Of course, my “fire me, I beg you” mug. Thank you to my wife for making this.

What I want to do, is that this week, I want to talk to you about five people who have made an impact on my life and this five people have actually made me change my behavior and you know that is really hard to do.

Today I want to talk about the first person and actually, the reason I am doing this video in the first place is because of a person named Gary Vaynerchuk.

Now Gary has always been on my radar. I have always seen him create new content and give talks. For the past three weeks, he has really made a bigger impact on my life and he has made me change my behavior. He has made me look at things much differently, what I want to talk about today is his latest article that he has written, and it talks about “EXPOSURE EQUALS LEVERAGE”.

Now Gary does these things called “the daily V” and what “the daily V” is, is that a camera follows him around every single day and he is always giving advice and tactics on marketing your business or growing your business.

He has been doing this for a long time, now that is tiring!

People have asked him “why would you create these things. You are not selling anything; you do not have ADS, what is the business model behind “the daily V” show”. His answers in this article was genius. I am going to give you a small substance from that.

The first thing is:


What does this leverage get me? A lot!

Let us take a look at the short-term results:

  • I get paid more for public speaking
  • I sell more books
  • I get asked to do more TV spots
  • I end up on thigs like “40 under 40 list”
  • I get more employees come into Vayner media
  • I got more users come into wine deal
  • I get to share my point of views more efficiently to my existing employees
  • Finally, my mum gets to see me everyday

Now, that is awesome!

Let us take that “exposure equals leverage” and let us apply it to real life.

I will give you two scenarios:

1 – Growing your career:

How does exposure help you grow your career?

I have seen it first hand, being exposed, being written about and people reading your stuff has a tremendous impact on your career and how people view you.

I will give an example: let us say you are interviewing for a job and there is another candidate who is exactly like you. The first candidate has a lot of great content, videos, and articles and uses the latest social media technique to get the message out. As a result, has gotten some articles written about him or her.

The second person who is as equally qualified as the first person, has not done that. Has not had any exposure, it does not mean necessarily that he or she is worse than the first employee is or less talented. It just means that he lacks exposure.

The question is “who gets hired?” For me, it is the person has exposure.

That has shown me a lot of things:

  • The person has hustle to get those things out.
  • The person does not care about what other people think and is not fearful of things.
  • I get to understand how the person thinks, before I actually interview them.

That is a huge advantage. The second person does not have that advantage. The person who has exposure has leverage. When it comes to salary negotiation, the person who has marketed himself or herself has the leverage to negotiate a higher salary. Because, he or she knows he has a backing of getting media exposure and that is not always easy. But because he or she has been exposed, they have a higher leverage to get a higher pay. I think that is key.

2 – You have a small business.

Let us say, you own a mechanic shop, you own multiple mechanic shops, you have a small business.

The question is “how do you get more customers?” the problem is not many people know you that exist. You want to grow. You have a good customer base but you think you can be growing more. The question is “how do I get more people?” and the answer is “MORE EXPOSURE” the more that you are exposed, the more that people see you.

The more that people would say, “That is the company or that is the mechanic that I want to do business with”.

It is not just about doing Facebook ADS or google ADS or SEO. It is more than that. It is about becoming a teacher. If you are a mechanic and you teach people, how to change their oil, if you teach people how to fix certain things on certain cars. When someone has a problem with that.

Who are they going to come to?

They are going to come to the person that they know can fix those things. That company has used social media to their advantage and have gained exposure through those channels. They have done that consistently. They have become the teacher, which is really the lesson of all of this. If you are the teacher, you always win.

If you are the teacher, people say” that person knows what they are talking about. You always win. Too many people stand behind the resume. With no linked profile. Nobody knows what that person is all about. This is why I hate resumes, because they do not really explain anything about you. They really do not. That is why to succeed in marketing your company.

To succeed in your career you have to become the teacher.

I want to cap it off with something Gary V said at the end of this article, “putting out content is always a good idea”. Thank you Gary V, you have changed my behavior, this is none of hopefully many.

Thank you. I hope everyone else has learnt something from this.

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