The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) projects 1,791,000 students at the bachelor’s degree level will graduate as the college Class of 2013.

Let me write it for you in long form just in case you missed that number. There are ONE MILLION, SEVEN HUNDRED AND NINETY ONE THOUSAND people graduating from College in 2013 in the U.S.

That’s a shit ton of competition. So you start looking for a job, except there is one problem: Looking for a job sucks.


I get emails, phone calls and Facebook messages from people all the time about their current predicament: They aren’t get paid enough at their current job.

Every time I get one of these messages, I immediately think of the Priceline negotiator commercial, and I play their little catchy tone in my head. If you didn’t just play that tone in your head, I’ll give you a $100.

I first find out why you want a raise. Are you just unhappy, or you you happy but don’t feel like you are getting paid enough. For the sake of clarity on this post let’s assume they are happy, but are getting way underpaid.  Since I am the PRICELINE NEGOTIATOR I advise a few things in order to maximize the salary that you want.