Coffee With Robbie #1 – Gary V. Exposure Equals Leverage

Video Transcript

Welcome to my first episode of coffee with Robbie.

Of course, my “fire me, I beg you” mug. Thank you to my wife for making this.

What I want to do, is that this week, I want to talk to you about five people who have made an impact on my life and this five people have actually made me change my behavior and you know that is really hard to do.

Today I want to talk about the first person and actually, the reason I am doing this video in the first place is because of a person named Gary Vaynerchuk.

Now Gary has always been on my radar. I have always seen him create new content and give talks. For the past three weeks, he has really made a bigger impact on my life and he has made me change my behavior. He has made me look at things much differently, what I want to talk about today is his latest article that he has written, and it talks about “EXPOSURE EQUALS LEVERAGE”.

Now Gary does these things called “the daily V” and what “the daily V” is, is that a camera follows him around every single day and he is always giving advice and tactics on marketing your business or growing your business.

He has been doing this for a long time, now that is tiring!

People have asked him “why would you create these things. You are not selling anything; you do not have ADS, what is the business model behind “the daily V” show”. His answers in this article was genius. I am going to give you a small substance from that.

The first thing is:


What does this leverage get me? A lot!

Let us take a look at the short-term results:

  • I get paid more for public speaking
  • I sell more books
  • I get asked to do more TV spots
  • I end up on thigs like “40 under 40 list”
  • I get more employees come into Vayner media
  • I got more users come into wine deal
  • I get to share my point of views more efficiently to my existing employees
  • Finally, my mum gets to see me everyday

Now, that is awesome!

Let us take that “exposure equals leverage” and let us apply it to real life.

I will give you two scenarios:

1 – Growing your career:

How does exposure help you grow your career?

I have seen it first hand, being exposed, being written about and people reading your stuff has a tremendous impact on your career and how people view you.

I will give an example: let us say you are interviewing for a job and there is another candidate who is exactly like you. The first candidate has a lot of great content, videos, and articles and uses the latest social media technique to get the message out. As a result, has gotten some articles written about him or her.

The second person who is as equally qualified as the first person, has not done that. Has not had any exposure, it does not mean necessarily that he or she is worse than the first employee is or less talented. It just means that he lacks exposure.

The question is “who gets hired?” For me, it is the person has exposure.

That has shown me a lot of things:

  • The person has hustle to get those things out.
  • The person does not care about what other people think and is not fearful of things.
  • I get to understand how the person thinks, before I actually interview them.

That is a huge advantage. The second person does not have that advantage. The person who has exposure has leverage. When it comes to salary negotiation, the person who has marketed himself or herself has the leverage to negotiate a higher salary. Because, he or she knows he has a backing of getting media exposure and that is not always easy. But because he or she has been exposed, they have a higher leverage to get a higher pay. I think that is key.

2 – You have a small business.

Let us say, you own a mechanic shop, you own multiple mechanic shops, you have a small business.

The question is “how do you get more customers?” the problem is not many people know you that exist. You want to grow. You have a good customer base but you think you can be growing more. The question is “how do I get more people?” and the answer is “MORE EXPOSURE” the more that you are exposed, the more that people see you.

The more that people would say, “That is the company or that is the mechanic that I want to do business with”.

It is not just about doing Facebook ADS or google ADS or SEO. It is more than that. It is about becoming a teacher. If you are a mechanic and you teach people, how to change their oil, if you teach people how to fix certain things on certain cars. When someone has a problem with that.

Who are they going to come to?

They are going to come to the person that they know can fix those things. That company has used social media to their advantage and have gained exposure through those channels. They have done that consistently. They have become the teacher, which is really the lesson of all of this. If you are the teacher, you always win.

If you are the teacher, people say” that person knows what they are talking about. You always win. Too many people stand behind the resume. With no linked profile. Nobody knows what that person is all about. This is why I hate resumes, because they do not really explain anything about you. They really do not. That is why to succeed in marketing your company.

To succeed in your career you have to become the teacher.

I want to cap it off with something Gary V said at the end of this article, “putting out content is always a good idea”. Thank you Gary V, you have changed my behavior, this is none of hopefully many.

Thank you. I hope everyone else has learnt something from this.

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