Coffee with Robbie #10 – How to be happy at work when everyone else is miserable

Welcome to episode 10 of coffee with Robbie.

Today is a very special topic. “How to be happy at work when everyone else is miserable,” I wrote an article about it on LinkedIn a while ago. I had over 500,000 views. I am going to talk about it today. I am very passionate about this topic.


That should be your new mentality. Every single morning, when you wake up. When you get to work. When you leave work. “It is what it is” if you hate your manager “it is what it is”. If you colleague relies to every single email “it is what it is”. If someone takes the last cup of coffee and does not fill up the coffee machine “it is what it is” if you had to do someone else’s work because they are incompetent “it is what it is” you do not like the amount you are being paid or your bonus “it is what it is”.

The key to happiness when everyone is miserable at work “it is what it is”. I have taken that mentality probably for the last 2-3 years. It has changed everything I do. The old Robbie would get involved in long email chains when people are complaining.

The new Robbie does not care. If you want to fight, go ahead. I will not be a part of it. It has made a significant change on how I view work and how happy I am at work. It works well. However, you have to be consistent with it.


Most people do nothing about it. Most people complain year after year.

If you have reached the maximum point when you are saying, “It is what it is” about 15 times a day. It is time for something new or something different. You have to do something about it.

I do not have sympathy for people that say, “I want a new job” and do not do anything about it. It is very rampant. People just accept being miserable and not doing anything about it. If you want to do something about it. Do something about it! I used to go above and beyond to help people. People will come to me, say, “I am miserable” I will give them advice, and most people do not do anything about it. It is the same situation year after year. Now, when the email me. I do not respond. It is pointless.

If I tell you step-by-step what you should do. People do not take that first step to do it. I have no sympathy for those people. I used not care about them. Now, I do not. Stop coming to me, if you would not do anything about it consistently. Stop being miserable. If you are not happy at work, do something about it. Especially, if you live in America. It is a world of opportunities and you can do anything that you want. Do you know why people do not succeed in their careers? It is because of office politics. They always try to prove their company wrong. How do you prove people wrong? It is by getting a new job. Not by fighting or trying to work extra hours.

There are no excuses for you not to do something about it. If you have been miserable for over a year and you have done nothing about it. You are part of those people that do nothing about it. Most likely, you would not still do anything about it even after receiving a systematic guide. Separate you work life from your personal life.

Start with, “it is what it is”.

Thank you.

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