Coffee with Robbie #13 – How to get along with co-workers you don’t like

Welcome to episode 13 of coffee with Robbie.

Today is a special topic. It is “how to get along with co-workers that you do not like” this is a topic dear to me because I used to work with people, I did not like.

I am going to tell you how to get along with these types of people. Whether it is your co-worker, your manager or people that you manage.

The reason why most people do not succeed in their career is that they are so busy worrying about office politics. You spend your energy focusing on that and less about yourself and career. I used to get involved with office politics. I used to try to throw people under the bus.

The thing I realized is that it never worked. Why is it that the most incompetent people that are not good at their jobs were never fired? I do not know the answer to that. I spent so much time trying to hate other people or trying to do their work. I spent so much time trying to build a case on why I do not want a particular person on my team. I realized I was being sucked into office politics. It is not doing any good. The person was never fired. The first thing for you to understand it that:


By hating them or getting yourself involved with office politics. You are not advancing your career. Look at that and focus on yourself and what you can do to advance you career.


Let them be bad at their jobs. Do not spend your time trying to fix what they are not good at. They are not good at it! That might never change. Stop trying to change them. Why do you care? I used to care. Now I do not care. If they want to be bad at their live. That is their problem! Stop sending them emails about how incompetent they are. It does not work. They might never be fired. Wash your hands off them and focus on your career.


Keep your interaction positive. Hello, how are you doing? Move on. Most of you already do that. As time goes on. You might start hating this people. You are spending all of your energy on them. If you fought with somebody this week or today. Ask yourself. “Was that avoidable?” could I have avoided it by just saying great! Thank you! Before, I use to reply people with nasty emails. The longer the email I send. The longer the email I get back. I just say great! Alternatively, I just ignore it. Keep your interactions minimal and positive. Stop engaging in petty office politics. Stop engaging with people you do not like. You attract problems. It is completely avoidable.


If you work with a lot of miserable people, managers and the company is not advancing. Get a new job. You can get many jobs. If you really hate that situation stop getting involved with office politics. Look for a new job or a new department.

I have seen many people who are stuck. Hating the people, they work with, hating their jobs. The do nothing about it. Get a new job! Meet other people. Get out of your comfort zone. If you hate your job, so much or you find yourself complaining about your job. Get a new job. If there is no positive insight. Do something new. Not all jobs are like that. Other jobs have different outcomes.

You can work in a good community. You can work with other people that you enjoy working with. It is possible! It is not obvious but it is possible. Nobody feels sorry for you. Stop complaining about your job. Take all that hate and bring it to a new job for something positive.

In summary, understand that:

  • Office politics is the main reason people do not advance in their career. When focusing on others, they forget about their selves.
  • Stop trying to prove them wrong, stop trying to fuel the fire. It does not work. Let them be bad at life and do not worry about it.
  • Keep your interactions minimal and positive, if you do not need to engage with that person. Do not engage with that person
  • Do something. That situation is not getting any better. Nobody has sympathy for people in that situation.

Get up and do something about it.

Thank you.

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