Coffee with Robbie #14 – Why I Create Daily Videos

Welcome to episode 14 of coffee with Robbie. I have done this for three weeks straight. Thank you to anyone that is still listening. Today I am going to talk about “why I do these videos”


What I mean by that is: I can sit back and come up with ideas. I might never do anything with them. For me to create something that people want. I believe it is a physical process. That is why I do these videos every day. I do not care if many people watch it. If they do, that is great. I do not create these videos to get many views. If I wanted more views, I will have a better setting or better lighting.

It is about building a habit that allows me to be creative. To maximize the things that I am building. I believe that creativity is a physical process. When I created “fire me, I beg you”. That was about the 100th article that I wrote. I was writing articles every single day.

“Fire me, I beg you was an accident. It happened because I forced myself to write. Now, I am doing this. It did not happen spontaneously. It happened because I built a great habit. Out of that physical process “fire me, I be you” was born. I am doing the same thing now. I am not doing this video to get views. I am doing it to get into a habit and start the creativity process.


I can look at the view count. I can see which videos had the highest views. I can us e it as a reference to say, “People really liked that video and people did not really like that video” by shares, likes and comments.

Out of all the 14 videos. I can see which one is the clear winner. It allows me to get information about what people like. That is why I do this every day. I want to see what people like. I want to see what people are sharing. It allows me know what I should be focusing on in the long term


Even if you have not watched this particular video. You will still see my name in your feed. Even if you just scroll, pass. You still see my topics and wonders “what is this person doing?” it makes people curious. I have gotten many Facebook messages, LinkedIn messages. My friend and co-worker ask me “what are you doing?” it is bringing curiosity out of people. It is allowing me to get exposure and to find out who my true audience is. I believe that exposure is leverage. Like, the first video I did with Gary Vaynerchuk.

I talked about that. The more you do it, the more people see it in their feed. It does not matter if they watch it or not. I do not really care.

These are the three reason I do this videos. If you have made it this far.

Thank you very much.

Coffee with Robbie is something I think will be going on for a very long time. If you have made it, this far that is a bonus for you. I really appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

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