Coffee with Robbie #16 – Why You Should ALWAYS Lie On Your Exit Interview

Welcome to episode 16 of coffee with Robbie.

This week’s episode is about quitting. We are going to talk about exit interviews and why you should always lie during an exit interview.

I do not think I have ever told the truth during an exit interview. Let me tell you why. The theme of today’s episode is “never burn any bridges” I am a believer of keeping relationships throughout my career. I could have burned a few bridges throughout my career. However, I chose not to.

Because of that decision, it has helped me to advance my career. Through recommendations from people and to make more money from jobs. That has helped me because I have never burned any bridges. You are probably thinking “wont lying during an exit interview burn all the bridges?” the answer is no. you have to lie very strategically.

Let me tell you the rules of exit interviews.


It does not matter what HR tells you. They are not confidential. HR takes that information and gives it to the company managers. They might not say you name or exactly what you said. It can get to the manager that you insulted during the interview. The vice president may take offence to what you have said. When I say lie during an interview. I mean be positive throughout the whole process. If you have something negative, too say. Do not say it.


too many people quit and send a long resignation later. In which they give structural criticism. That never goes well. Because, if you are trying to fix the company. Do it while you are there. Not when you are leaving. It is too easy to give constructive criticism on your way out. You might have great intentions. To give constructive advice.

If you think that, anything that you say can get back to a manager and can be perceived as negative. That person will remember it for the rest of their lives.

You might not think you need them now. When you need them in in a few years. They will remember that and they would not help you. When I say lie, be positive throughout the whole process. If you want to give constructive advice. Give it while you work for the company.

Thank you

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