Coffee with Robbie #4 – Tim Ferriss

Welcome to episode 4 of coffee with Robbie.

Today, I am going to talk about a person name Tim Ferriss. Many of you have read his book “the 4-hour work week” “the 4-hour body”. I am going to talk about how Tim Ferriss has changed my daily routines. He has change the way I view my career and my life. It all started with the book “the 4-hour work week” “escape 9-5, live anywhere and join the new rich. If that is not the greatest book cover of all time, I do not know what is. My friend recommended this book to me about five years ago. I went through three stages with Tim Ferriss.

Firstly, I love him. He is awesome. I want to walk the 4- hour workweek. The book was tactical. It told me what to do. How to make passive income, how to give birth to assistance and how to get a 4-hour workweek.

The second stage was, two years later. When I did not implement anything in the book. I thought he was a fraud. The stories were Ludacris. The tactics were only possible for people that were single and have a silver spoon and could take many risks with their lives and travel the world. That is how I started despising Tim Ferriss. If you look inside the book cover. Wrote that he speaks six languages, runs a multinational firm, in six nations worldwide. Hold a record holder in tango. A national champion in Chinese kickboxing and an actor in a hit series in Hon Kong and he is 30 years old. Really? There are two things. You have lied in the entire book or you are super human and you are not like anybody else. I dismissed him for a long time. I saw him in long videos and I thought. There is no way you do a 4- hour work week.

The third stage was when I realized that I had been misinterpreting him for a long time. I came to a it is about how to change conclusion that the 4-hour work week is not just about working 4 hours a week. It is about how to change your life and routine to live a life that I want. I want to join the new rich. However, how do I get there? What I have learned from his blog post online and his book, is that it is possible. However, you have to make a few significant changes to make possible. Now I would talk about the two things that I have learnt from Tim Ferris.


The 9-5 system is designed to control you. What I mean is, in order to maintain control of millions of people in America. There has to be a system and that system is the 9-5 job.

During the period, I hated Tim Ferris. I thought to myself “everyone is doing it, there Is no other way out” I realized is that the system is for the 99% of people that do not want to want to take any risk and do not want to do what they are meant to do. Mainly because they are stuck under their salary jobs. I realized that in order for me to succeed. I need to get out of this system.

That is why I quit my job four years ago, because I needed to get out of that mentality. There is a way to success, not just by your typical 9-5 job. For me, that is why I created “Fire me, I beg you” I did not learn that from something on the job. I learnt that from my own necessities. I learnt market on my own. I learnt writing. I was a horrible writer in high school and college. I learned writing by following people who were very good at it; I learned writing by mimicking them.

When I realized that I was able to learn these things on my own. I was able to get out of the traditional 9-5 and create a life for me that is worthwhile. That is something that I learned, that the system is designed to control you


If you look at it from a focused angle, you would not understand. Let me give an example, I have a friend, that is one of the best writers. I have changed his profession slightly.

The problem is that he does not do that full time. He does another job that pays him well. He has been stuck in that system. He came to me and said, “Robbie, I am thinking about quitting, but I cannot become a writer, because writers do not make a lot of money,” I said to him “that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life.” Because, if I felt like that. I felt like if I do not want to write because, I will not make a lot of money in a year. They only make $35,000 a year. Then I would not have “Fire me, I beg you”.

If I said, I do not want to do marketing because I do not really enjoy it, I do not want to work for an agency, and I could make more money than that. You have to look t I would not have. “Fire me, I beg you” you have to look at the bigger picture and what skills you have outside your traditional 9-5 and that could create s lot of value.

If the creator of “humans of new York” said I do not want to get behind the camera, photographers do not make that much money. Humans of New York will never become a thing. It is the mentality. If you are stuck in a situation. You are trying to focus on the fact that the job pays a lot of money. You will relies that you are extremely stupid.

Yes, I know that we need a salary to live. We need salary because we have responsibilities. I believe that you should not quit if you cannot afford it. If you think, “I can only get this specific job. Then you are thinking small. Look at the big picture if you are stuck in a job that you hate and you want to look at life differently.

Start with the book “4- hour work week”. You would probably go through the same phase as me.

You will love him, you will hate him and when you come to your senses, you will love him again.

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