Coffee with Robbie #5 – James Altucher

How many people at your job can make a major decision that will ruin your life?

That is what we are going to talk about today in episode 5 of “coffee with Robbie”.

That came from James Altucher. I am a huge fan of his work and today, we are going to talk about three things that I earnt from James that has changed my life and my career. I believe these three thigs can also change yours.

How many people at your job can make a major decision that will ruin your life? Too many people are dependent on their salary job. They do not have any skill set outside of their job. They rely on their job for training. What I learnt from that is that. I have a few people that can make a major decision and ruin my life. The action I took was “what can I do, to reduce that risk” what that meant for me is to learn how to write. To learn how to market and that has decreased my risk significantly of the people that I depend on.

Look at you own job. “If I get laid off today, how does it change my life?” “How can I reduce that risk?” it does not happen at you current job. It happens outside. It happens with the new set of skill that you learn.

1. Reduce the amount of people that can make a major decision in my life. Do that today.

2. Bleed on a page.

What that meant to me is that. As I am writing, I should leave everything out there. D not be conservative. Say it, the way you want to say it. It actually, changed my writing. I did not know I could write like that. I was never a good writer in high school and college. Bleeding on a page allowed me to write the way I was born to write. That has changed everything that I do. Be it positive, or cutting edge. Do not hold anything back. People will appreciate that. I think that is an authentic way to do it. I cannot stress enough “bleeding on a page” it will make a dramatic improvement in anything that you do.

3. Choose yourself: how do you be selfish.

I always tell people. I am the most selfish person alive. Because, I know that for me to advance my career. I have to choose me first.

Too many times in my previous career, I will choose other people. I will choose my boss. I will accept that that is just the way it is. After some time, I did not see my career advance the way I thought it would advance. I thought I could go much faster. I did not choose myself. Not that I have chosen myself, I can do these videos on my own. I can write anytime I want. I willfully make decisions.

I first had to start with choosing myself. It is extremely important for anyone that hates his or her jobs or their managers. Think of how you can choose yourself and how you can learn skills outside the job that can make you a better person. It will reduce the risk of me depending on other people. How do I use that to take it to the next level? You have to choose yourself. You can no longer rely on other people to help you.

You can think of people that can help you. However, you have to start with choosing yourself.

Those are the three things, to bleed on a page , choose yourself and reduce the amount of people that ca make a decision that will ruin your life, those are the three great things you can start today to improve your life, thank you.

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