Coffee with Robbie #8 – How to get any job in the world

Welcome to episode 8 of coffee with Robbie. Today is a very special topic and we are going to be doing something different. We are going to use a white board.

The topic is “how to get any job in the world in less than 6 months” Paris, New York, Australia, New Zealand or Asia. Wherever it is. I am going to teach you how to get a job in that country in less than 6 months. It has to be tactical. I believe there has to be a clear-cut part on how you do it.

If you are ready to listen to me and are ready to quit your job and get a better one in another country, but do not know how. Listen to this.


This is the traditional part. There is a company that you want to work for. There is a hiring manager. He says, “There is a new position and I want to hire someone”. They contact HR (human resource management) and HR says, “give me your job description” they put in a job posting. This is the normal procedure. If you want to work for the company. You create a resume. You send it and apply to the job online. When you have applied to the job. You feel happy.

The thing about applying to a job online is that, you may not get any answer or any feedback. Most people give up after they have applied and have not received any answer. This is the traditional part. It is where most people get it wrong.

If you are looking for a traditional path, the first step is:

Focus on people, not postings:  to get a job, you have to focus on the people that are hiring for the job. Focus on the executives in that company. Most of you are already feeling uncomfortable. This is the reality.

If you are just applying to job posting and your skill is not highly in demand.

For example, if you are an experienced developer or anything that is in demand. For you to get around that. The people that are hiring are similar to you. They are looking to hire great people. You should not be afraid to focus on the hiring managers. You can also focus on the vice president of the company and the founders of the company. Do not focus on your resume.

When a job is posted. You are assuming that every job posting is a job opening. That has been proven to be wrong. All the contractors that I have hired have never been through job postings, but through relationships.

If you are assuming that, every open position in that company has been posted online. You are wrong! It does not mean they are not looking for someone. The position has not been listed in a job posting. When such positions are posted. It is because the company has really struggled to find someone for that position.

What if I tell you that there is an online database that tells you how you are connected to people, not just friends? What if I tell you that, there is a way I can find people in that company that went to my school, people that I have worked with before? What if I can find friends of the people that I used to work with? What if I can search by cities and find people that are from my hometown? What if I told you that is free and accessible to you right now?

You can find all that on “LinkedIn”. You can find out how you are connected to some of the companies and the hiring managers. Sometimes, I can take a job posting, perform an advanced search on LinkedIn and find out who the hiring manager is, or the vice president of that company. Then I can focus on building a relationship with them. In order to do that, you have to focus on the people and not the job posting.

Let us say, you have done all that, you have found the company you want to work for, you have found the hiring manager. What do you say or what do you do?


Use a great picture; write a description about yourself. Do not talk in third person. Talk in the first person. You are talking the person who is reading your profile. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there. The person wants to know your experience, your passions. He wants to talk to you.

Do not be afraid to explain who you are.  your personalities and your passions. In a resume, you cannot do that. Most professionals are on “LinkedIn” if you want to get a job in another country. They are going to do their research on you. They do not know who you are. You are out of the country and they do not know what you do. They are not going to respond. Get a professional picture. It helps a lot. Do not use informal pictures. The little things make a difference. Look at your “LinkedIn” profile and see if it reflects your image.


The only way that you can convince people to believe in you is to BECOME A TEACHER.

I do not mean apply for a teaching job. Put yourself out there and teach people about what your subject is. What I am doing now is teaching you. I do not have a degree in career advancement. I am not a certified career coach. Here I am teaching you. Either you believe me or you do not believe. By teaching someone something consistently. You become the thought leader.

However, many people also view you differently.

You have to teach what you are passionate about. You have to use social media to utilize to make that happen. Create content. Publish them online. It is not just to do it once a month.  You have to create content consistently. You have to do that about three to four times a week. It is not easy. Do not expect it to be easy.

When you become a teacher, people will believe you. The beautiful thing about becoming a teacher is; people would forget about your previous job experience. Even if you do not have a lot of experience in fashion for example. If you are able to teach people about fashion. It would not really matter if you have been to fashion school. People like what you are teaching. You have to get people to believe you. You do that by teaching consistently.

If there is a target company out there, there are three things to do

  • •focus on the people
  • use LinkedIn.
  • get people to believe you. Become a teacher.

You have no excuse, if you become a teacher. You will advance your career more than your colleagues will. Everyone is hiding behind his or her resume. You have to be present. You have to teach people. This is an exact systematic approach on how to get any job in the world. Stop hiding behind your resume. Do not let anyone tell you anything other than that.

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