Coffee With Robbie #9 – How to re-invent your career if you are over 40 years old

Welcome to episode 9 of coffee with Robbie.

Today I am going to talk about “how to re-invent yourself in today’s market when you are over 40 years old”. How you can succeed in today’s environment?


Today’s environment expects you to be very good at very few things. If you are good at other things that is a bonus. However, that is not your selling point. You need to understand “the riches are in the niches” when you are interviewing somebody. Tell them the things that you are good at.

For example, I was looking to hire someone for a marketing position. She told me about all the things that she knew and all the things she had experience in. there were many things. It was impressive; however, it did not fulfil my needs. There were some things in digital marketing that I needed someone to be good at. That is where many people are wrong.

People are looking for someone to solve a specific problem that they have. If they know different things that is great. I would never hire someone that is good at many things, but lacks the things I need help with. For some people they are good at a few things, however, they are not good at expressing it.

The perception from the other side is “I think it is great, however, you are not what I am looking for”. “I am looking for someone specifically that is going to grow my blog”. “I am looking for someone specifically that can grow my sales team, by using a tactic that we are not good at” it is no longer a positive to be good at everything. People do not really buy it. You should understand that great misconception.

Being a jack of all trade and master of none is no longer a positive. When you are talking to someone. Do not present yourself as that. You are not doing yourself any good.


It is not a negative.

However, it is not a positive either.

If you have 19 years of experience versus some who has 7 years of experience. The duration of experience does not cause them to hire the person with 19 years of experience. Let me tell you why.

Technology is growing so fast. Social media is growing so fast. For example, “snap chat”. Last year, “snap chat” had a horrible connotation. People thought it was just for teenagers or inappropriate pictures. A year later, the demographics of people on snap chat is different. Older people are on it. The previous day, a person over 50 asked my wife to follow her on “snap chat” the reverse perspective; people ranging from 10-15 years old are on “snap chat”.

Technology changes so quickly. When you talk about your years of experience. The reason why it is no longer a selling point is because, technology changes so fast. Those years of experience, do they really apply today? To be good at marketing today, because you led marketing in a company about 10 years ago.

Does it really make a difference now? The game has changed so quickly. The number of years of experience is no longer a selling point.


When people see your resume, they see the number of years of experience. They expect someone who is more modern. The resume is dead. It is not going to help you to advance your career.

Focus on “LinkedIn” and build you profile there. That is my recommendation. Write in the first person not in the third person. Explain who you are and talk about your experience. Focus on a few things.

What is the value that you bring to any company?

Here is an exercise for you to do. Text five of your closest friends and ask, “If you were forced to pay me $1000 for anything, what would you hire me to do for you?” this question would bring out their perception of you. That is great exercise for you to do


If you are interested in rebranding yourself if you are interested in advancing your career this is for you. If you become the teacher, you will succeed.

It means you should use the tools of today to teach people about what you are good at. Spread you knowledge. Do it consistently. Create content. You can do that on Facebook for example. The platforms are there. If I am you. I will advise you to start on Facebook. That is where most of your colleagues or your friends are. That is where you spend most of your time. You can also post on LinkedIn.

Become the teacher. This will help you change your brand. People will think of you differently. I am not a certified career coach. I took no training to become a career coach. You are seeing me differently, because I am teaching you something. Use the tools of social media. Do not just share content/ create the content.

If you become the teacher, I guarantee you, You will see success. This is not just for people over the age of 40. This is for everyone. Not a lot of people do it. If you do this, you will see success.

Do it!

Thank you.

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