Coffee with Robbie

I challenged myself to create a video every morning for 3 weeks. This was the result.

Every video has a full transcript below it so you can watch the video or read on your own pace! I hope you enjoy them.

#1 – Gary V. Exposure Equals Leverage

#2 – Noah Kagan – Break The Rules!

#3 – What I learned from Negotiation Genius

#4 – Tim Ferriss

#5 – James Altucher

#7 – How to Answer the two worst interview questions of all time

#8 – How to get any job in the world

#9 – How to re-invent your career if you are over 40 years old

#10 – How to be happy at work when everyone else is miserable

#11 – How to build relationships with successful people

#12 – How to win at office politics every damn time

#13 – How to get along with co-workers you don’t like

#14 – Why I Create Daily Videos

#15 – 5 ways quitting your job will change your life

#16 – Why You Should ALWAYS Lie On Your Exit Interview