How I Learned To Write About Myself Publicly, Even The Bad Things

Like a majority of you, I have an image I would like to maintain to the outside world. A positive image of course.

I’ve always wanted to write, but I never could really write the way I wanted to write because I was afraid my job would read my blog. So the moment I had the chance to start writing without the fear of my job being affected by it, I jumped at the chance.

The first two posts I wrote were about my interview failures (Part 1, Part II). It’s amazing how many times I have failed, and some of them were straight up embarrassing. After I wrote those posts, it became this therapy for me where I can just write about almost anything.

I wrote about a job in which I wanted my employer to fire me. Within the first day, it generated 30,000 page views. It was obvious that people like personal stories, and not an article about “5 ways to get your employer to fire you”, although that sounds like an interesting article.


Recently I wrote about how I got sucked into the startup world, and how I needed to take a breather which generated a few comments and a bit of page views.

The one thing that I’ve noticed is that my blog readers actually became a bigger fan of my work, and I would receive more email from people asking for advice or just to say hello.

I learned to write about myself publicly, by just not worrying about the image I was trying to portray and instead on focusing on the personal story I was trying to relay. The more personal, the better therapy it was for me and the better read it was for my readers.

So if you’re thinking about it writing publicly, do it for you – not for them.

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