How To Be Happy For Someone That Doesn’t Deserve To Be Happy

Have you ever been on a mission to ruin someone else’s day, just because they were happy? Don’t lie, we all have done it one time in or lives. And when it works, it makes you happy. Well, you are happy until they get happy again, then you are back at square one.

We all have had that moment where someone you know got promoted, or got a new and better job or a higher test score than you did. 9 times out of 10, you’re happy for that person. But, sometimes something good happens to someone who you don’t think deserves it.

You’re happy to their face, but deep down you want to jump off a bridge. If you have ever sent a text message that says “congrats” and it doesn’t actually match what you are saying out loud that usually means you don’t think the person deserves it.

There are 2 ways to handle this situation:

  • (Most Common) – Be happy to their face, then immediately talk behind their back. 
  • (Least Common) – Actually be happy for the person. Shocker, I know.

Here are two rules I use every day to live a better life and be happy for other people:

Remove the thought from your head that people are allowed to be happy, when you think it’s OK for them to be happy.

You ever see a happy taxi driver, and all you can think to yourself is how in the world is the taxi driver happy!? He should be miserable, because he doesn’t fit the profile of someone who should be happy. He’s driving all day, dealing with dumb people and the monotony of driving every day.

Stop it right now. You are not the happy police! You can’t control other people’s happiness. Just because you aren’t happy, doesn’t mean other people have to be miserable.

Don’t be a Debbie Downer!


Just because you don’t think someone deserved the promotion, or a new girlfriend / boyfriend – doesn’t mean you can’t happy for them.

The more people you are genuinely happy for, the more people will be happy for you

I’m a HUGE fan of giving forward. I give forward as much as I can, and when I need help people give back. Well, most of the time. For those that don’t give back I hope they are unhappy for the rest of th…. just kidding. I really wish them the best and a happy life. I mean, if they tripped on a step in a public place I would laugh and it would make me feel better – but still I want them to be happy!

Why does it matter who else is happy for you? Besides all the good vibes, karma that comes with it there are some great things that come along with people who are happy for you. People want to help you and people help out other people that they like.

You NEED people to be happy for you.

Trust me when I say other people remember who was happy for them, and who wasn’t. They write down those lists, and the next time something good happens to you, you better believe that person isn’t going to be really happy for you. When you need someone for a job referral or connection and all they remember you by is “the person who didn’t say congratulations after I got promoted,” they aren’t going to help you. Don’t burn a connection or a friend because of a petty reason.

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