Just Call Me The Priceline Negotiator for Salary Negotiations

I get emails, phone calls and Facebook messages from people all the time about their current predicament: They aren’t get paid enough at their current job.

Every time I get one of these messages, I immediately think of the Priceline negotiator commercial, and I play their little catchy tone in my head. If you didn’t just play that tone in your head, I’ll give you a $100.

I first find out why you want a raise. Are you just unhappy, or you you happy but don’t feel like you are getting paid enough. For the sake of clarity on this post let’s assume they are happy, but are getting way underpaid.  Since I am the PRICELINE NEGOTIATOR I advise a few things in order to maximize the salary that you want.

  1. Be prepared to leave the company you are currently with. This is a must. If you are not ready to leave, then we can explore safer but less effective methods.
  2. Get another job offer. This ties in with the previous point. You have to be prepared to leave, but you also have to make sure you can go somewhere else.
  3. Tell employer you want more money, and tell them exactly much you want. The amount can be whatever the prospective employer offered, or what they offered + a little bit more.
  4. Give them a deadline of when they need to make a decision by. Give them a Date and Time. An exact time is preferred. Instead of EOD Friday It should be Friday, 3:30PM CDT. Let them know if they don’t match what your offer, you are ready to leave.
  5. Go silent. Send the email letting them know what your asking with the deadline, and go silent. No further communication is allowed unless it’s for work. Stick by your guns.
  6. Start packing your bags. Prepare for them to say NO. Plan for the worst. Under no circumstances do you let them extend your deadline. It’s your deadline. If they say no, you go to the other firm that values your pay.

The last step is the decision. If you are truly worth what you think they are worth and they believe that, they will match it. If they come back and say no. Then you have to leave. You cannot stay. You are unwanted. Leave because you will never get what you want.

Thank you for listening to PRICELINE NEGOTIATOR! If you are in a similar situation and need help, contact me via my contact form or send me a tweet on the twitter

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