No Matter The Decision You Make, It’s Always Wrong.

I was scared to quit my first real job. I didn’t want to tell my boss that I was leaving. I know she was going to be mad at me. I was leaving for a competitor who was also going to pay me more. I was a traitor. How dare I leave a company for better money. She kept telling me that I was making the wrong decision by leaving and that I shouldn’t be making a decision based on how much the new employer is going to pay me. She was right, I shouldn’t base my decision on that. That obviously wasn’t the reason I was leaving, but she was convinced that was the only reason I wanted to leave.

Did I make a wrong decision by leaving? Since this was a while ago, I can safely say I made the right decision. However, If I ask my old boss If I made the right decision she would still tell me that it was the wrong decision. It doesn’t even matter if I quit and created Facebook and became a billionaire. In her eyes, I made the wrong decision. It took me a while to realize that every decision I make will always be wrong. Someone is always going to be mad at me regardless of the decision. There will be someone who is negatively affected by your decision, even the small one’s.

When I quit my job recently to start my own company, everyone thought it was a bad decision. There was actually not one person who thought my decision was right. I had a great, steady job with very marketable technical skills, and here I am quitting my job and going completely on my own.

6 Months in, I can safely say that I made a great decision.  I have reached many of my goals, and I have managed to completely replace my old business network which was essentially worthless to me. If you ask me, I made a great decision. Best decision I have made in a while. If you ask my previous employer, they still think it was a wrong one. If you ask my family, they’ll tell you that they aren’t convinced that my decision was right.

They are still pushing to get me back to the corporate world. Now, If I ever decide to leave the startup world and go back into the corporate world*, that will make a lot of people happy, except my new startup friends. To them, I will always be a traitor.

*highly unlikely

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