If you’re frustrated with your job, Quit. If you hate your job,well that’s a different story

I get a lot of people emailing me about how much they hate their job, and have to deal with politics, old people who hate change, etc. My advice to them is to leave. Get out as soon as you can. It will never get better. You may ask for a transfer of some sorts, but 9/10 it is in-grained in the company culture.

There is a difference between being frustrated with your job and plain old hating your job. I’ve noticed the people who are frustrated, WANT to make change in their current job and WANT their group to do well. They are frustrated because things can be much better, but no one is listening to them and change is taking way to long.  These also tend to be the people that are good at what they do.  They are passionate and love change as long as it is for the better. If you’re frustrated with what you’re doing & have had no success advancing your initiatives, leave to another company. It is not going to get any better.

If you just hate your job and you aren’t frustrated, then your situation is slightly different then the “frustrated” people. You probably hate the industry that you are in, or hate the routine activities of your job. Quitting for you and  leaving to another company isn’t always the answer to your problem. The problem is you need a totally different job or work in a separate industry.

Meet new people, find new connections, and work on finding out exactly what you want to do. Once you figure that out, and find your dream job. Just give it 3 years and you’ll end up just like the “frustrated” people!

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