Find a better, higher paying job anywhere in the world.
Without dealing with recruiters
or filling out job applications
(And no, you don't have to be well-connected)

I went from IT Consulting to Marketing to Writing. Each time I started over, I made 6 figure salaries as a salaried employee as well as a freelance consultant(in the first year of switching.)

I've been blessed to teach others. Here are just a few examples:

  • 65 years old, found a new job
  • Moved from India and found a job in Dubai
  • Moved from Dallas to NYC
  • Moved to Paris from Germany
  • From North Carolina to Colombia
  • From 75k to 150k
  • Quit job and become a high-paying consultant
  • From Chicago to Thailand
  • From IT to Marketing to Writing
  • From full-time to full-time independent consultant (works 10 months and travels the rest)
  • Here are common complaints I hear from job searchers.

    "I apply for hundreds of jobs online and I never hear anything back, EVEN WHEN I'M A PERFECT FIT!"

    "I've even tried customizing my resume and cover letter. I've hired "resume experts" and still have not heard anything back. I'm starting to lose my patience."

    Does it feel like job applications are a black hole. You submit hundreds of them and you'll be lucky to get a response.

    "If I talk to a recruiter, often times, the recruiter will stop responding back to me. I'll follow up plenty of times very politely, and it feels like the recruiter fell of the face of the earth. Why do they do that?"

    If you're not a 1 to 1 match to your job, good luck.

    "I thought the interview went great! But then I got rejected and got no feedback from anyone on why it failed. It's depressing. I tried to reach out and ask for feedback politely, but I'll always get a generic response."

    Do you just get rejected and when you ask for feedback, they either don't respond or say "we decided as a group you weren't a fit?"

    "HR told me that that their salary offer is the 'highest that they'll go". But I know I should be making more! What can I do?"


    5) "I wish I could just speak directly to the hiring manager. Im sick and tired of dealing with online job applications, recruiters and HR."


    1) Applying for jobs online is a full-time job! You have to wake up every morning and apply for 100's of jobs.

    2) You have to know someone to get a job!

    3) If you change industries you have to take a huge paycut and title demotion.

    4) Companies only hire people if their job listings are online.

    5) You won't know if you will like my future or job or if my boss will be a jerk.

    Applying For Jobs Online is a Waste of Time

    I haven’t filled out a single job application since I graduated college in 2004.

    Every career opportunity has been a referral or a direct result of a relationship I had built with a direct executive within the company.

    Look no further than the comments on this Reddit post about what happens to online applications

    Why You're Not Getting Paid Enough

    Take a look at some of these recent headlines:

    Are you ready for another 3% raise this year?

    Don’t worry, it gets worse.

    50% Less!

    You're Capable of So Much More

    Dealing with office politics is hard.

    Being told that you're getting a "meets expectations rating" after doing everything you were asked to do and more is -- is hardest of all

    Dealing with an employer that consistently destroys your potential -- is something that no one should ever have to put up with.

    Introducing Summer of Quitting Step by Step

    For the first time ever, I'm going to teach you the exact techniques I used to secure much higher paying jobs and destroy any career ceiling that was preventing me from advancing.

    I went from being an “Expert in IT Consulting With Nine Years of Experience” to a “Marketing Director” and “Career Advancement Expert” within two years. I not only destroyed the ceiling that was preventing me from advancing, but positioned myself to never have a ceiling control my career and my life again. I’ve never felt so free in my entire life.

    I didn’t go back to school to get my Masters degree. I never applied for jobs online. I avoided the traditional hiring system. I started from the top and worked my way down instead of the other way around.

    I went through a life crisis trying it figure it all out. Going through a life and professional identity crisis while the value of your bank account depends on the answer is something I hope you never have to go through.

    I have helped hundreds of people master quitting their jobs by helping them lay out the right framework. As you know, this won’t happen overnight. It’s going to take work. My goal is to give you the step-by-step system to help you make the transition. What took me three years through trial and error, will be significantly reduced to just seven weeks for you.

    You are much closer to this reality than you think. This is all very doable, even if you don’t have a strong professional network or direct experience in the job that you want.

    Hell, this is all possible even if you don’t know exactly what you want to do next, but know that you need to get the hell out of what you’re doing now.

    In fact, here’s what a few Summer of Quitting graduates had to say about the techniques

    Christine: Had dysfunctional employer, not doing what she’s capable of, wants to be in New York City, and had zero connections in her desired field.

    Honestly, I counted the months from when I started your program and it only took me 1 month from when I started to lock down two freelance jobs, 2 months to sign on as managing editor of the academic journal, 4 months to lock down a new job — and actually 6 months to have my entire move/transition planned and completed. That is a pretty legit time table. I would have never believed it could happen so quickly when I first started.

    Hashim — a college of business graduate who landed a job at his dream company with zero connections and a GPA that was below the company requirements.

    The on-campus recruiter actually told me I couldn’t apply until I had a higher GPA. I felt helpless. I then followed Robbie’s system step by step and managed to get a job offer even after not meeting the company’s minimum GPA requirements. I did this without even applying for the job online. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever apply for a job online ever again.

    Jason— a talented sales guy who was making WAY less than he should have been.
    Jason went from $70,000 to $110,000 in 3 weeks using my method. Three years later he is making $300,000 a year for a competitor, and can demand high paying jobs at many companies within his field.

    “I was always a top performer. I was passionate about my job. I worked my ass off day in and day out. I just wasn’t getting paid enough. I tried every trick in the book to negotiate my salary, but I always got the same answers:

    — “We believe this salary you have today meets the industry standards”
     — “The compensation is fair”
     — “Retention is always our #1 goal and fairness in salary comparability.”

    I followed Robbie’s techniques, and within 3 weeks I was making $40,000 more. I thought that my employer would hate me for negotiating and it turns out after my negotiation they respected me a lot more. I used that bump from my salary to find an even higher paying job. It was from that moment on I realized how valuable I was to this company and I make sure I GET PAID :)

    Melodie — a talented IT Consultant who was sick of traveling and being underpaid.

    Before: Traveling to random cities Monday through Thursday, getting paid $95,000 a year to work 60-hour work weeks. On top of that, her stress levels were through the roof.

    After: She no longer travels, and has November and December OFF. She works Mon-Thurs and works from home 3 days a week. She gets paid for overtime and the best part is she still makes more than she did at her previous job.

    “I will sum it up by saying that the work I produce is not so different, but my perspective on how to approach it and where to give them my time and energy is TOTALLY different.

    I’m directly compensated for my time (and make more per hour), I am less invested in the bullshit, I have more flexibility, I’m taking the month of Nov-Dec off, and they still love me. I still don’t think I want to do this for the long haul, but it gives me the right balance to do personal learning projects and take the rest of it a step at a time.”

    The case for quitting:

    It is a candidate drive market

    Here is a powerful graph from Harvard Business Review :

    What this means is that you have leverage! Leverage for higher pay, to work from home more often— leverage for higher paying commissions.

    Finding the RIGHT job shouldn't be that hard.

    I asked my readers what the hardest part about finding a new job was. This is what they said:

    "Figuring out if the new manager will suck. They are on their best behavior during an interview so it is hard to tell if you're being hired by a jerk."
    "The hard thing is finding a job that you love and that you're certain of happiness in."
    "Narrowing down the "real" opportunities vs. the entry-level, overhyped fluff. Finding jobs that actually interest me."
    "Answering dozens of calls a day, and finding the right recruiter."
    "Convincing people, during the interview process, that you're the right fit, all the while - wondering if what THEY are selling you is true."

    This is why I'm excited to tell you more about what to expect each week from the step by step Summer of Quitting program

    Week 1

    Tell a story that sells (you).

    I can’t tell you how many people I meet and after speaking with them, I still have no idea what they do for a living or how they can help me.

    10 minutes later, I’ve completely forgotten about them.

    This week is all about giving you the step by step process on creating your new story. What story, you ask? I mean a story that sells you and gets people excited about how you can help them in less than sixty seconds. I’m talking about a story that helps you create new opportunities.

    You’ll go from a muddled mess to a clear story that sells.

    Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:

    • How to create a clear compelling story that will immediately create new opportunities
    • How to create a personal brand that people will love.
    Week 2

    Use LinkedIn to get opportunities to come to you.

    This isn’t just about updating your LinkedIn profile. This is about changing how others perceive you. This is about changing your brand.

    People’s first impression of you will go from: “I have a good idea of what she does for a living,” to “I need to meet her; I think she can help me.”

    How would you like to the most viewed out of all of your connections?

    or if your article views could look like this:

    • The exact formula for every element of your profile.
    • How to create a compelling summary statement that entices viewers to reach out to you.
    • How to double the amount of time others spend on your LinkedIn profile.
    • How to triple the amount of people that visit your profile
    • How to consistently write LinkedIn articles that get over 2,000 views.
    • How to build relationships with your viewers that generate new job opportunities.
    • How to write great articles even if you aren’t a “natural” writer.
    Week 3

    How to get interviews without ever applying for the job online

    Want to meet your future boss without ever having to apply for a job? Do you want to know what the real job description is? Do you want to know what the real maximum compensation is for the job?

    In this week, I provide the step by step methods to get around the traditional hiring system. I will teach show you how to talk with the hiring managers and Vice Presidents before speaking with Human Resources and without filling a single job application.

    Also — just because there isn’t a job position available online doesn’t mean there aren’t any positions available.

    This week I’ll teach you how to uncover unlisted opportunities before anyone else.

    It includes:

    • The exact scripts I use to tell people confidentially that I’m looking for a new career.
    • The exact scripts I use to get internal referrals at companies, even if I don’t know anyone who works at that company.
    • The exact scripts I use to meet and get endorsed by executives in my target company.
    Week 4

    Coffee Meetings

    When I quit my job I knew no one. I didn’t know a single soul that could help me. Not one redeeming connection after seven years of IT consulting with two of the biggest brand names in IT was there to help me in my new endeavor.

    Then I took two hundred and fifty coffee meetings in four hundred days.

    I went from knowing no one, to being one of the most well-connected resources in Chicago. I am now one phone call away from being connected to any influential person I ever want to meet in Chicago.

    It’s safe to say I learned a ton during the process.

    In this week you will get:

    • How to determine who to have coffee with, who is going to be a waste of time and who can immediately provide value to you.
    • The exact email scripts you should use to request a coffee meeting with a Super Connector.
    • The exact conversation formula I use to get the most out of a thirty minute or one hour coffee meeting (works perfectly for introverts).
    • The exact email script to send after the coffee meeting is over.
    • The little details will be addressed, including, “Who buys the coffee?” “Where do we meet?” “What do I put in the calendar invite?” “What if they don’t respond to my request?”
    Week 5

    How to get super connected without attending networking events

    I call this "the Super Connector technique."

    My wife always told me “networking is not working.” She was right.

    To find a new job without all the bullshit, you have to start from the top.

    The best part about this technique is that you have massive leverage when it comes to salary negotiation. You’re no longer going up the chain — you are working your way down.

    When the person at the top says, “You must interview and hire this person,” you’d better believe they will hire you at any and all costs.

    This is what I will teach you during this week:
    • I will show you how to start from the top. How to connect with the single person who will have the most influence on getting you the job you want within that company.
    • Exact email scripts to send your future boss a cold email message. Hint: It’s not, “Hey are you hiring?”
    • How to do it in different industries, from social work to accounting, from banking to government. There are different ways.
    Week 6

    Negotiating the job offer BEFORE leaving your current company.

    This is a tricky place for most people. Don’t try negotiating if you’re no good at it. If you enter a room and freeze up or start flubbing your words, you’ve already lost.
    • How to get immediate compensation leverage by working around Human Resources.
    • How to “negotiate nicely” without pissing off your future boss.
    • The scripts for telling your future boss to ensure they’re making you a solid offer.
    • The scripts for making sure you don’t leave any money on the table.
    Week 7

    See You Later! Quitting Like a Professional

    The biggest mistake I ever made was the way that I quit my first full-time job. It not only burned the relationship so badly that it is still not reparable 10 years later, but I ruined any opportunity to get a reference or rejoin the company at a later time.

    When I left my second job, the CEO of Deloitte Consulting sent my resignation letter to the entire company. Yes, I will include that email template.

    It’s safe to say that I learned a huge lesson in the process.

    Here is what you’ll learn in this week:
    • The exact script to use to tell your manager that you’re quitting.
    • How much advanced notice you should give.
    • The farewell resignation letter template that I use whenever I leave a company.
    • How to quit without burning any bridges, and actually building a stronger relationship.
    On-Going (Week 8+)

    #CoffeeWithRobbie, Facebook Community Group, Updated Course Materials and Case Studies

    This program is my baby. I also don't plan on having another baby for a long, long time. What that means is that I'm going to continue to put my effort into making this program the single best career advancement program in the world.

    This is what will keep you subscribed:

    • A thriving private Facebook group where you can learn from others in the program. You'll also be able to ask me questions via the Facebook Group.
    • Custom #CoffeeWithRobbie videos based on questions from the facebook group and email.
    • Updated course materials. I will update bi-monthly.
    • Updated case studies as more students make progress.

    This program used to cost $948

    When I originally created this program, I wanted it to be accesssible to those who were willing to take make the investment in their careers.

    As Fire Me I Beg You evolved, I changed my thought process from "exclusivity" to "global access". It was clear that my free material already had a huge impact on many, and I knew this program would take it to the next level for many.

    I created a program that I myself couldn't afford a few years ago. I believe in the power of broke, but I didn't want to hold this information back from those who need it the most.

    That's when I decided to change the pricing to $9.99 / month. My goal is to make this as accessible to everyone as possible

    Summer of Quitting Standard

    Here’s what you get:

    • The Complete Summer of Quitting training program This includes full access to all of the training materials (including videos, worksheets, and audio files).
    • Case Studies of others who have used the Summer of Quitting techniques to find a new job
    • Fire Me I Beg You Mastermind Facebook group Network and learn from fellow Summer of Quitting members (and graduates!).

    Join me on the inside!


    $9.99 / month

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    P.S. The average person ends up making $10,000 to $25,000 more per year when quitting their job and moving to another.

    This course shows you how to do it (without burning bridges, and keeping anyone from your company from finding out, and with exact scripts along the way).

    That means for $9.99 / month your LOWEST POTENTIAL OUTCOME is around +$10,000 in your salary per year!!

    Cancel Anytime

    My course makes sure your career change stays completely confidential (so no one at your current company finds out), that you are fully prepared within 7 weeks and have a new job lined up, and that you have a solid plan for how to go about this (including full scripts for emails and meetings).

    Since the payment is an on-going payment of $9.99, you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. Your cancellation will take effect at the end of your monthly billing period.

    Frequently asked questions

    What If I’m not looking for a job now? Will Summer of Quitting help me?

    The techniques in this program are techniques I use every day to advance my career. If you’re looking to meet influential people in your industry, then this program will absolutely help you.

    What If I actually like my job!? Should I still enroll?

    The average pay raise is 3% annually. 4.5% if you’re a top performer. These techniques help keep your employer honest with your compensation.

    The best leverage for a pay raise is to have another offer from a competing company.

    The job I want is in a different city / country? Will these techniques work?

    Yes! This has worked for multiple people. From Texas to New York and from Chicago to Charlotte and Thailand to United Arab Emirates, to name a few.

    The key is to understand how to navigate your network and reach out to your shared connections.

    Will this work for my industry?

    Yes! I designed the course so it wasn’t focused on a specific industry.

    It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the job search process is broken for every industry across the board. Summer of Quitting is focused on building relationships with the right people to expedite your job search process.

    I want to become an independent consultant. Will this work for me?

    I used these same exact tactics to become an independent consultant myself. So, 100% yes to this.

    I want to quit my job and start a company. Should I still enroll?

    The course is mainly focused on finding a new job. I don’t discuss how to build a new business.

    If you need help with building relationships with influencers, then this is for you. If you’re looking on help validating business ideas or growing a business, this course is not for you.

    I don’t live in the US. Will these techniques work in Europe, Asia, etc..

    If companies in your country require you to apply online for jobs, then yes this course is for you.

    Because applying for jobs online doesn’t work no matter the country you are in :) The tactics used in Summer of Quitting are all about cutting out all the B.S. associated with job searching and finding the right people who can expedite it.

    Other FAQs about Summer of Quitting:

    How is the program run?

    Summer of Quitting is a 100% online program. You can go through the materials at your own pace.

    How long does it take to go through the material each week?

    If you want to go through all the content, and complete the worksheets, I’d set aside about four to five hours per week.

    The actual implementation of the techniques will take longer.

    Bonus 1

    Master LinkedIn eBook (Value $99)

    I built my entire career on the LinkedIn platform. I didn't just "optimize" my LinkedIn profile.

    I used LinkedIn to build real relationships and have opportunities come to me.

    Master LinkedIn eBook is the only LinkedIn book that details exactly how to create an amazing LinkedIn profile and build relationships

    Bonus 2

    Summer of Quitting Private
    Facebook Community (Value $99)

    Summer of Quitting is more than a a premium training program...

    It’s a lively community of professionals who are successful and want to continue to advance their career

    What Are You Waiting for?

    With these techniques, in seven weeks you will be 100% prepared to leave your current job and:
    Have the highest possible salary (without negotiating like a jerk).
    Have solid offers from other companies already on the table.
    Burn zero bridges along the way.

    Now it’s time to make it happen!


    • Complete Summer of Quitting course
    • Detailed case studies
    • Private facebook community
    $948 $9.99 / month Get instant access Click to add to cart