The Inspirational Story of the Paypal Mafia.

This Guy (Max Levchin from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

paypal 1


pitched an idea for a mobile device money transfer service to this guy (Peter Thiel).

paypal 2


Peter said cool, let’s do this. Then they buy, which was founded by some dude named Elon Musk.


paypal 3


They decide to name the company:


paypal 4

The company goes public in 2002 and this company buys them:


paypal 5


Then this is where it get’s interesting. The Paypal employees hated the eBay corporate structure. Within 4 years, half of the first 200 employees quit.

This guy gets fired at Paypal:


paypal 3


Yes, Fired. He made a ton of money anyway and started 2 companies:

The first one is ya know, just some sort of car that only runs on electric.

paypal 6

Just whatever. Then he decides that he needs to do more. So he creates another company that makes spaceships:


paypal 7


Just spaceships, no big deal. NASA SHMASA. They also break some records about being the only company to return a spaceship from low earth orbit. Boring stuff, really. Then they attached the thing to the International Space Station. Nothing you can’t see on Youtube. Anyway, this guy


paypal 2


decides he ain’t done yet either. Invests an early $500,000 in this company:

paypal 8

for 10.2% of the company. He got ripped off if you ask me, but whatever. What’s a billion when you got millions?

These guys (2 Paypal engineers and designer):


paypal 9


said “we’re bored with our lives, let’s create something new.” They quit and create this company:

paypal 10Which then gets bought out by this company:

paypal 11

Russel Simmons (left),

paypal 12

who was one of the first Paypal engineers has a conversation with a dinner that Max held.

What do they talk about? Out of all the things in the world to talk about, they talk about how hard it is to find a dentist. What else are they going to talk about? So Russell creates this company with another person with some funding from Max:

paypal 13

It’s just a site full of pissed off people ranting about food. The executive vice president of Paypal, Reid Hoffman:


paypal 14


says screw this, I’m going to do something new. Starts this company (thanks!):


paypal 15


The former, COO David O. Sacks decides to join in on the party. So he creates:


paypal 16


Yishan Wong, engineering manager at Paypal. He’s just another dude that can code. Nothing special.

paypal 17


He now becomes the CEO of a website that I’m totally not addicted to:

paypal 18

Product Manager Premal Shah becomes founding president of:

paypal 19


and finally Former Marketing Director Dave Mcclure:


paypal 20



paypal 21


If this doesn’t inspire you to get up and do something, I don’t know what will.

Main Source: If you want the full list of key members of the Paypal mafia use the wikipedia link.

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