I often get a lot of requests to connect other people with services, jobs and other people. I have gotten so good at finding people jobs, I almost contemplated starting a head hunter business πŸ™‚

I thought it was about time I created a platform that allows me to connect and help others within my closely curated professional network.

  • I am creating this bi-weekly newsletter for two reasons:
    • To create a wider distribution of people who are looking for help and people that can unselfishly help others within *my* network
    • To inform my network what I am up to & what I’m writing about
  • Who this personally and manually curated list mainly consists of:
    • Entrepreneurs with successful businesses
    • Entrepreneurs who have previous successful exits
    • Entrepreneurs who still have no idea what their business is.
    • Directors, Partners & CEO’s of major & mid-level consulting & industry companies
    • Full-Timers who are interested in joining a startup, or creating a company